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Our magical and award winning classes are in Carmarthenshire and Swansea and Neath Port Talbot. Suitable from Newborn-Pre-school. View the class timetable here

COVID-19 update: Fully open with a covid policy in place.

Covid Ready Training Has Been Undertaken By All Staff. 

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Our classes

Rubba-Bubba specialises in small and relaxed COVID SAFE classes to avoid an overwhelming environment. This ensures quality of teaching and safety. Organic massage oil, printed handout booklets and refreshments are provided in class (Fees may apply). Baby massage and Baby yoga is such a special and magical gift to give your baby. Making mat leave memories with Rubba-Bubba are the best!


rubba-bubba baby massage classes

Baby Massage Stage 1 – From birth

Baby Massage Stage 2 – From 4 months

baby yoga with rubba bubba - baby smiling

Baby Yoga stage 1 From 8 weeks

rubba-bubba baby massage classes

Baby Yoga stage 2 from 4 months

rubba-bubba story massage classes

Story Massage – From 18 months

The Benefits Of Baby Massage and Baby Yoga

Touch is very powerful. We use it naturally and without thinking to calm, relax, reassure or heal. A simple hug says a lot. For example if our baby is upset, we may cuddle them or rub their back.

Babies have a biological need for close physical affection. Nothing is more important to their emotional, physical and intellectual development than a comforting cuddle or a loving touch.‘(Dr.Lin Day, 2008).

Massaging your baby or doing yoga is an extension of this natural impulse. Infant massage has been around for thousands of years, however in the UK, it has only become popular in the last 10 years. It is a wonderful way of spending quality time with your new baby doing such a simple and beneficial activity together. Studies show that not everyone has ‘love at first sight’ with their baby; (after an initial wave of maternal feelings) nothing can prepare you for this amazing journey as a parent-but we can make it easier on the way!

We attended both rhyme time and story massage with Sara and I cannot recommend these classes enough!

Really intimate and friendly classes which were perfect for making both me and my little one feel right at home.

Sara did a wonderful job making us feel safe with social distancing measures yet maintained a relaxed atmosphere.

Thank you so much Sara!!! Xx


The long lasting benefits of regular baby massage and baby yoga include:

  • Improves the special Parent-baby bond especially for parents going back to work
  • Effectively reduces symptoms of colic, painful wind & constipation
  • Helps stimulate and support baby’s co-ordination, circulation, digestion, learning & language development
  • Encourages baby to sleep better & for sustained periods
  • Alleviates nasal congestion & teething pain
  • Proven to reduce post natal depression
  • Improves skin integrity
  • Boosts self esteem & confidence in new mothers
  • And most importantly- a relaxing & fun activity for both parent & baby
Rubba-Bubba instructor Rachel is a Every Giggle Winner 2021

Our Testimonials

Such a wonderful experience – I’m so glad I signed up. I was anxious about being in a group environment, but needn’t have been. Sarah couldn’t be more warm, welcoming and understanding. She creates a lovely, relaxing atmosphere and a great opportunity to bond with our tiny new humans and have some relaxing time with a cuppa! I really cannot recommend these class enough to all new mums (even if you’re a bit anxious like me)
Thanks so much Sara! xx

Rachel James

After doing a Rubba-Bubba course 3 years ago with my 1st child baby massage was an absolute must this time too! It is a lovely relaxing class and a great way to meet other mum’s! Have just finished stage 1 with Rach and can’t wait to start stage 2 in September after having a taste of it today!

Ashley Whitehead

Really enjoyed baby massage stage 1! We did most of the lessons in person before lockdown- but the last 2 online. Sara ensures that the online lessons work well so we’ve just signed up to stage 1 yoga via zoom. Highly recommend stage 1 massage, something nice to do with the little ones during all this madness xx

Jo McCarthy