Rubba-bubba’s early days sessions.

Tash has many years experience as a nursery nurse with the 0-6 months olds, is currently working as a paediatric nurse, is a mother of 2 great sleepers and now a trainee sleep consultant.  Tash loves nothing more than to share her knowledge, so if you feel like the antenatal classes are aimed at the birth, have no idea how to bath a baby or give medication to a baby or want to feel as prepared as you can be before and after your new arrival get in touch. If you’ve already had your baby and it isn’t what you thought, you have no idea where to start with a routine or bath time is very stressful for everyone, scroll down to the life after baby sessions-where Tash can share all the tips of the trade!!

Here are Rubba-bubba’s early days sessions covers in the convenience of your own home.

Life before baby session £35 (from 34 weeks)

Hospital bag check
The Baby’s room/Nursery check
Baby Concierge- Baby products & equipment essentials
What to expect
Maternity Unit tour (optional)
Care of a newborn
-changing nappy
-feeding & winding
What to expect if baby needs the neonatal unit


Life after baby 2 hour session £55

Don’t know where to start with a routine? Baby will only sleep on you? Have know idea how to take a baby’s temperature or get calpol in?

Tash can go through everything with you slowly and at your pace, where you can ask as many questions as needed- theres never a silly question!!

Sleeping, settling, starting a routine and good sleep habits
Bathing demo and hygiene
Skin and Eye care
Breast or bottle feeding/expressing support
E.g.. Healing cracked nipples
Winding techniques
Coping on your own (when a parent going back to work)
Vaccinations and giving medication
Common baby ailments and looking after an unwell baby at home
Getting through teething
Where to start with weaning
Baby Concierge- Baby products & equipment essentials
Getting out with baby and the local classes to go to.


Both sessions can be done for £70

Please specify which or all topics you’d like covered on enquiry.

To book: please click on the link below for payment and contact Tash to arrange the session.

Life before baby session £35

Life after baby session £55

Life before and after baby session £70