5 signs you suck at being employed - Tash, owner of Rubba-Bubba with one of her franchisees

In today’s blog, I want to share with you 5 signs that suck at being employed…

Sign No 1

Your family are your world! You want nothing more than to be an available parent that always puts work second

Sign No 2

You only want to work part time/school hours 2-4 days a week max WHILE still earning your actual worth and more

Sign No 3

You want all of the kids shows/days/things off AND to go on 3 holidays a year when you want to

Sign No 4

You have your own mind and ideas PLUS are not happy just to go to work and come home repeat, blah!

Sign No 5

You have motivation, tenacity and guts to make a difference without restrictions, rules and any other bullshi*t red tape! 

Bonus Sign!

Your boss is a w…..ker and doesn’t understand any of this!

Not sure if you’ve thought about it this way but if this resonates, being employed might not work for you and your family (soz just saying)

Parenting and work can be done with no guilt or sacrifices.

These signs should be (in my opinion) the ethos of ALL employment, but I know sadly it’s far from it. 40 hour weeks, pretending we don’t have kids, a rubbish 5 weeks a year off only when no one else is off, denied sports day, the nativity, creativity crushed….. I could go on!

What if I told you at Rubba-Bubba these signs are what we are made of, what we thrive on and what working WITH us (NOT for us) is like! 

What if I told you we insist on you putting your family first, working around your childcare/school hours /term time. 

Always making sure you can bring your ideas to the table and having no limitations on what you can do! 

The instructors are doing that right now and you could to! We are all mums at RB and we get it! 

Want a better insight on how Rubba-Bubba could work for you?