5 tips for attending a baby class: Making mat leave memories!

Attending a baby class with your bubs shouldn’t be stressful or draining! Baby classes provide a fantastic opportunity for your baby to explore, learn, and make new friends. To make the most of this wonderful experience, we’ve got five awesome tips to share with you. So, let’s dive in and make attending a baby class the best!

Pick the Perfect Class

When it comes to choosing a baby class, it’s like finding the perfect playdate for your little explorer. Look for classes tailored to your baby’s age group and interests. Whether it’s a lively music session, a sensory play paradise, or a calm massage and yoga class, finding a class that you feel comfortable with is the first step, but also be open-minded and try as many as you can. Your bubs may surprise you and love the class you think they would hate. 

Be the Super Prepared Parent

Let’s face it, parenting often involves being a mini version of Mary Poppins, prepared for any situation!

Pack a trusty nappy bag with all the baby essentials. Don’t forget to bring along your baby’s favourite comfort items too, like a beloved blankie or their cuddly buddy.

Being prepared means you can swiftly handle any baby-related needs and create a cosy atmosphere for your little one to thrive. One thing you don’t have to pack is your oat milk as we do our best to offer a range of dietary requirements at Rubba-Bubba. Other prep includes knowing about parking and leaving in plenty of time for perfectly timed poon-armies that always happen just as you grab your keys. 


I know class times can clash with naps, however establishing a routine around attending baby classes adds a sprinkle of familiarity and sets the stage for a memorable and not miserable experience.

Plan your day and their naps (easier said than done) so that you arrive at the class with enough time to settle in and let your baby get familiar with their surroundings. There’s nothing wrong with leaving early and having a car nap before a class.

Generally, a 45-minute pre-class snooze is enough to get them through so they can enjoy. With a consistent routine, your baby will eagerly anticipate their class time, making it a highlight of their/your day! 

Parent Participation

Baby classes are not just for babies; they’re for awesome parents like you too! Join in the activities with enthusiasm, clap your hands, and make eye contact with your baby to show them how much fun you’re having together. No one cares that you can’t sing. And don’t forget to mingle with other parents, encouraging your little one to interact with their newfound friends. You will make friends for life!

Breath in Every Moment

While attending a baby class is about your baby’s growth and development, it’s also about cherishing those precious moments together. Embrace the journey and savour each giggle, each milestone, and each discovery.

Don’t worry if your baby doesn’t participate in every activity or prefers observing from the sidelines. Every baby is unique, and they’ll blossom in their own time. So, celebrate the progress, big or small, and enjoy the incredible experience of witnessing your baby’s growth.

5 Awesome Tips

With these five awesome tips in your back pocket, you’re all set to create lasting memories and nurture your baby’s development- what mat leave is about yeah?!

Remember to choose the perfect class, be prepared like a pro, plan the routine, get involved and cherish every magical moment. Get ready for a world of laughter, learning, and love as you and your little one embark on this incredible journey together in the baby class.

You won’t get this time back!