Purple background with toddler wearing sunglasses sitting in a blow up pool with words 5 Top Tips to Keep Your Little One Hydrated and Cool This Summer

Keeping your baby or toddler well-hydrated and cool during hot weather is like giving them a double dose of superpower for growing and playing. Babies and toddlers need extra care when the sun is blazing, so we’ve got five super-friendly tips to help your little one stay hydrated and cool.

For Babies Under Six Months

For your tiny superheroes under six months, breast milk or formula is their go-to hydrating potion. Breastfed babies don’t need any extra water. Your very clever body will do its thing. Formula-fed babies may need small amounts of cooled boiled water in addition to their milk.

Introduce Sips of Water at Six Months

When your baby reaches the grand age of six months and starts exploring solid foods, you can introduce tiny sips of tap water. No need to boil it in the UK! There’s no harm if you want to but there is no need to from 6 months. Use a free flowing sippy cup and start with just a few baby-sized sips. Gradually increase the amount as they get used to the idea of drinking water. They spit alot/most of it out in the beginning so be ready with a waterproof and fabric bib.

Watch for Thirsty Signals

Babies and toddlers can’t always say, “Hey, I’m thirsty!” That’s why it’s essential to keep an eye out for their superhero thirst signals. Dry lips, a red face or extra fussiness can be hints that they need a sip. Whenever you see these signals, offer a bit of water or milk pronto. Also, pay attention to their nappies – light yellow means they’re doing great, while dark yellow and smelly can be a sign they need more fluids.

Create a Fun Hydration Routine

Making a hydration routine can turn sipping into a fun adventure! Offer water or milk after meals, before naps, and during playtime. Keep their sippy cup close by for quick hydration missions. Encourage them to take sips often, even if they’re not feeling particularly thirsty right then.

Home made Ice Lollies and Smoothies

Ice lollies and smoothies can be your best friend in hot weather. It’s a fun way to get extra fluids in. You can make them from breast milk, squash, juice and fruit!

Bonus Tip: Stay Cool in the Heat

On scorching days, it’s crucial to keep your little one cool. Just a nappy is fine! At night a 0.5 tog sleeping bag is ideal. If possible, plan outdoor activities during the cooler morning or evening hours. Always have your snooze shade to hand and even a small, pram fan to help your little one stay comfortable.  

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