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Does your bubs hate tummy time? These 5 top tips may help!

1. Put a pillow underneath your neck and lay flat on your back on the floor/sofa.  Put your baby on top of your tummy, making sure that you have both hands free to catch them in case they wobble to either side.  This is a great time to encourage eye contact, talk, sing, make funny faces and noises.  At first, your bubs might not be able to hold his head up high enough to see your face, but it will be comforting to him/her just being near you. (Avoid this straight after a feed!)


2. Sit in a chair and place your baby on your lap, laying over your knees.  Be sure that their head is supported and not dangling over the edge of your knees.  Slowly and ever-so-gently rock your knees from side-to-side.  Sing a song or talk to your baby

3. This typically comes naturally when holding a baby, but holding your baby on your shoulder allows the baby to practice holding their head up and takes the weight off the back of their head-the fundamentals of tummy time. They will enjoy seeing the world around them from an upright perspective.

4. A shatterproof mirror is a wonderful tummy time tool.  Place the mirror 6-12 inches in front of your baby and encourage her/him to hold their head up and look into the mirror.  Once she/he catches a glimpse of their reflection, they might be distracted from being on their  tummy for a minute or two. I highly recommend this fab mat and mirror for tummy time

5. Roll up a hand towel or grab a tummy time pillow and place it under their chest and arms on the floor. This supports your baby well and stops them from ‘face planting’ the floor. Lie down next to your bubs and place a few toys around them to make tummy time interesting, or get the baby massage oil and offer a gentle and relaxing back massage-bliss!

        Bonus tip

        Not all babies enjoy tummy time as it’s hard work! Don’t be disheartened if they just cry! Try 30 secs at a time and work up to a few minutes. Lots of love, cuddles and reassurance will help and before you know it you’ll be chasing your little speed crawler round the house! 

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