baby poking pregnant mums tummy

The good old pre-covid days!

Are you a toddler group leader or children’s business owner that is still not able to reopen? Have you spent years building up your group reputation to have it all taken away by COVID? Or maybe struggling to reopen with all the logistics of it? I feel you but we may have something exciting for you!


Why not join forces instead? We are deemed COVID safe by the department of Health Wales, got risk assessments and covid policies coming out of our ears AND have all that you need to get you back into making a difference to the parents in your community…oh and earning good money too!

Rubba-Bubba has really proven that we can survive the pandemic by running our classes online and face to face covid safe venues. The demand for baby groups has never been so high!

To join Rubba-Bubba means you will be getting back to what you love now, plus expanding your classes, knowledge and skills but still running your business the way you want to. 

You could even run your classes/groups alongside us (when allowed). I know we share the same values of bringing parents together to enjoy their mat leave as much as possible so your experience would totally complement our classes. 

Collaboration over competition is definitely the way forward. The public are missing your classes/group and this may be a way back to what you were doing. Covid is not going away any time soon but we are fortunate enough to be able to still reach the parents and babies that need our support via a class.

Our reputation and team are constantly growing, updating, adding more training and always improving the class experience for our parents and babies. We would give you all the extensive online training to run our baby massage and baby yoga classes and are with you every step of the way! There are so many other classes you can run alongside ours. If you love the sensory play, storytime, messy play, movement and music side of things…together our classes could be a match made in heaven! 

Let’s make mat leave normal again!

For more info head to the franchise opportunities page for our prospectus.