Baby Yoga


What is Baby Yoga?

Baby yoga is not “yoga” in the traditional sense.

Baby yoga enhances a playful interaction and communication between parent and baby with stretching, parent-guided movements, holds and relaxation in a safe and structured way in a class or as a one to one.

Babies practice yoga postures naturally as part of their development, however Rubba-bubba baby yoga classes combine a gentle and structured approach to yoga with age-appropriate movements, holds and stretches that help parents and babies bond, promotes a physical, mental and emotional development and well being. To participate in our baby yoga classes they must be at least 6 weeks old or 8-10 weeks for mothers with sections.

This is not a parent and baby yoga but there are some gentle ‘mama moves’’ and Mama and me mindfulness in each baby yoga session. 

The Types of Yoga

There are 7 types of yoga. Baby yoga is based on Hatha yoga. Hatha yoga has developed in the western world into a style of yoga that is widely practiced.Hatha Yoga is described as beginner or gentle or easy yoga with a focus on alignment of physical and mental benefits of each pose. This makes Hatha yoga the perfect choice for a novice yogi and foundations for baby yoga.

Hatha classes provide an opportunity to stretch, unwind, and release tension, which provides a good combination of cardio workouts to unite and balance the body and mind.

The benefits of regular baby yoga Baby: 

For Baby

  • Improves the special parent-baby bond especially for parents going back to work
  •  It can be a great way for partners, grandparents and siblings to bond and relax with the newest addition to the family ·
  •  Effectively reduces symptoms of colic, painful wind & constipation
  •  Helps stimulate and support baby’s circulation, digestion, learning & language development. 
  • Encourages baby to sleep better & for sustained periods 
  • Improves learning and social development 
  • Aids balance, coordination, gross motor skills and strength
  • Improves muscle development, flexibility and free movement
  • Raises levels of the ‘feel-good’ hormone oxytocin in both parent and baby aiding a feeling of calm and relaxation. 
  • Promotes a secure and trusting attachment between baby and parent
  • And most importantly – is a fun activity for both parent & baby

For Parents:

  • Boosts self-esteem & confidence
  • Can help a parent have a positive interaction with their baby
  • Helps a parent become more confident in handling their baby
  • Promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety
  • Is quality time with the new baby 

Immunisations and Baby Yoga 

Baby immunisations are at week 8, 12 and 16 unless unwell. When our baby yoga class and immunisations clash in the same week, assure the parents that as long as the baby is well and fever free they are still very welcome to attend the class. This is at the parents discretion. If they do miss a class, the handouts are available online and we can recap some of the moves from the week before.

If this happens, the baby isn’t likely to tolerate baby yoga at this time, assure the parent to tend to their baby’s needs, and reduce stimulation in the environment (noises, lights, toys, or interactions) if possible.

Mama and Me Mindfulness

  • Mindfulness will help you learn how to pay attention to what matters in your life and your child’s life.
  • Learn how to not take things personally
  • Speak more purposefully (and teach you how to not react when everything is driving you crazy)
  • Improve sleep
  • Regulate your emotions
  • Increase your happiness and wellbeing

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