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Bronc season is on its way! After being a children’s nurse for the last 11 years and having 2 winter babies of my own, i thought i’d let you in to a few secrets on how to get through the bronchiolitis (a baby cold) season with a little one (or two).

Firstly I never took my kids to the supermarket! (if i could help it!) Yes there are times where we needed a few bits and hubby wasn’t around so it was just easier for us all to go but this was not a lot! 

Secondly sleep is the best immune system your little one can ever have! I knew if my kids slept they were less susceptible to snot or if they did catch it, it wasn’t as bad!



Saying this, regardless of where you avoid and how much sleep they get, it is inevitable that coughs and colds will get into your household at some point. 

My first port of call when the kids get ill is Vicks Vaporub! That stuff is epic, I massage it onto their chest, their back, their feet and pop some on a wet towel on the warm radiator to humidify the room!

My second port of call is this magic little plugin! Although it is great to breathe easy, this mighty little thing will help and soothe a cough! My kids can be coughing all day and previously have been kept awake by coughing all night, however since I found the Calpol plug-in, we have never looked back. 

I put it on in their room an hour before bedtime to fill the room with the stunning aroma, they have a vapour bubble bath to clear their nose then bedtime is calm and relaxing, plus their cough seems to subside, allowing us all to get much-needed sleep to recover!

It does need a refill pad for every night you use it but that is just fine by me, we only need 3 pads a cough (generally) in our house and for sleep, it is totally worth it!

The plug-in has a very bright blue night light so I do choose a plug that isn’t right next to them, but it is handy if you do need to see. 

Most coughs and colds are only managed rather than treated as they do just have to fight it by themselves, making us feel pretty useless but little things like this and plenty of cuddles can make it more bearable for your little one and of course us parents! 

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