tash hughes founder of rubba-bubba with her family


‘I really want to run my own Rubba-Bubba baby massage and yoga classes but I know I can’t afford it with all this uncertainty .’

Although I know that the easy monthly payment plan makes a huge difference, there are just some Mamas that can never afford it!

Ive gotta say, I am not here to ask anyone to stretch themselves or pay for anything they can’t afford. There are plenty of companies that will take their money but that’s not me.

Instead, I’ll just keep showing up, sharing my sh*t, trusting that one day they will take the leap of faith and join us in their own sweet time.


I’m on a mission to offer mama’s a lucrative, flexible and family-friendly business opportunity, where I am there to support them every step of the way. I do that by offering a readymade business opportunity but also have a free group full of parenting hacks and tips to make the parenting journey an easier rollercoaster!

I know those that are ready are to make this their main income working part-time (real life example)

But they have to be ready!

What areas are available?

Currently, we have a range of availability which can be discussed in more detail if you contact our CEO Tash directly on Tash@rubba-bubba.co.uk

Pembrokeshire, Cardiff, Bristol, 

What next?

If you feel that this could be your next business move and you have what it takes to join the Rubba-Bubba team then drop us a message with a brief outline of your knowledge, experience and current position and we will get in touch to see if you are a good fit for us.