First Aid for Babies


We offer an informal and relaxed session for parents and grandparents etc who want to learn life saving skills and first aid for babies in the comfort of your own home/zoom.

Maybe you don’t have childcare for siblings, don’t like the pressure of a big group or just prefer a one to one setting.

The session is not for a qualification or assessment, it’s for your own knowledge and benefit in case an emergency situation comes up. The instructor is a children’s nurse with 11 years experience, using the most up to date research, guidelines and evidence based practise.

    The topics covered are:

    • Breathing + CPR
    • Choking + weaning (if required)
    • Allergic reactions
    • Burns
    • Signs of infection in a small baby
    • Febrile convulsions + fits
    • Administering medication to your baby
    • Meningitis 
    • Other common baby and toddler ailments
    • Tricks of the trade
    • Plus any questions/topics you may have

    Get in touch to arrange your first aid for parents at home/zoom session now with a fully qualified children’s nurse…… £40  for one parent, £45 for two parents. (2 hour session).