Flexible work - Rach in her Rubba Bubba class

We can nearly smell the C word! Juggling work and little ones around this time of year should be easy, stress-free and covered in glitter! Instead, you are praying your boss will let you have a day off here, an afternoon off there or maybe you are working right up til the 24th! You still have no childcare plans for the 2 weeks of school hols and you haven’t even thought about that bloody elf or the turkey?!!

Some of us are still able to work flexibly from home. Others, I know, are back to having to plan their every move to the minute from school drop off, to the first meeting of the day to somehow making sure there is something vaguely healthy that you can cook for the fam’ when you finally get home again.

The feeling of frustration when the first meeting of the day runs over and throws your schedule off and the worry as the last meeting of the day drags on and you know you are going to have to leave to collect your little bubba. Oh, we’ve all been there as the eyes all watch you leave, most probably wishing they could leave too but you are left over thinking it all and wondering if Judgy Judgison in the corner thinks you are a part-timer or not pulling your weight. 

Time to reflect on what is important

The pandemic and now the cost of living crisis have definitely had their own challenges but it has also given us all the time to reflect on what is really important and perhaps it has left you wondering if there is something you could do that would make life easier, a job or role that you could really make your own but that, perhaps, more importantly, you could work around your family commitments.

Good News!

There is good news, businesses and employers have been forced into the world of flexible working. The bad news is some of those businesses cannot work online and some of those employers do not want to be flexible even if it means getting more from their employees in the long run. Is this you?

 Whether you find yourself looking for something more satisfying and FLEXIBLE or whether you are faced with redundancy and need to find another role to ensure you can pay the bills, running your own baby massage and yoga classes could be the answer.

Designed to give you maximum flexibility (for school runs, childcare plans, 2 weeks off for Christmas, term time only (if needed) so that you can build your lucrative business your way around your family commitments, only running classes when you want to.

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