Rubba-Bubba instructor Sara sticking her tongue out and making funny faces

When you choose to become a Franchisee with Rubba-Bubba here are 5 things you can expect from us…

1. You will always be treated like a business partner, NOT an employee

This is one of the most significant differences between having a job and being your own boss- in a job you are a number, you will be replaced in a heartbeat, you can’t breathe without asking or considering who else might want to breathe.

When its your baby, you are your business, no one else will run it like you, you don’t consult anyone when taking off a month to travel the world or the 6 weeks holidays and you are sooo valued it’s unreal. Everything that can be personalised is personalised and your business is named after you.

2. You will always be consulted before making decisions

In a job the only thing you get asked is “have you completed that yet?” Or “can you do this please?”… Do you even get to decide when you take your fudging lunch break? Nope! Nothing is generally run passed you otherwise.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be consulted on minor and major changes?-The booking system, your lunch break or when the next meeting will take place? I love nothing more than to encourage the franchisees to bring their ideas and suggestions so we can grow and progress. Some of our best changes and decisions have come from them and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

3. You will always be supported with your business plans and goals

At Rubba-Bubba we have a monthly mastermind where we discuss a relevant topic. We cover stuff like social media, behind the scene in business, parties and class ideas. Because none of us is in competition with each other (due to the huge territories they run) everyone shares, collaborates and encourages.

This is so important for progression and lights up my soul! Every 6 months there’s a one-to-one business review to discuss the franchisee’s goals-run more classes, take on teachers and earn a certain amount. A goal without a plan is just a dream! 

4. I will encourage you to put your family before anything else!

This should be number one really, your kids come first. Full stop.

No really, if you can’t pick your kids up from school when you want is your job even worth it? Even though it doesn’t feel like it now, these times are so special, it really does go so fast and you have until you retire to work. Did you have kids to pay a second mortgage in childcare? At Rubba-Bubba, working school hours, term time only come as standard, days off for sports day or Christmas concerts are a must!

Mumlife first, work later!

5. I ensure EVERYTHING is fair, ethical, transparent and professional at all times

There’s no bullshit at Rubba-Bubba. Everything is done thoroughly, ethically and transparently. I share everything. I don’t promise perfection though. That’s a killer of all success.

Nothing can be perfect; if I wanted it perfect, it would never be done, finished, or see the light of day. We have contracts to protect you, policies to guide you and personal support for every success. 

Business is better together!

If you want to know more download our prospectus here.