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Children’s nurse

Baby Massage and yoga instructor

Baby and Child Sleep Consultant

Founder of Rubba-bubba

Harry’s sleeping is amazing. He will go down between 7pm – 7.30pm, sleep through until between 5am- 6am for a feed and will then sleep on average until 8am! It only took a few nights and he improved dramatically, within the week he was sleeping through. He has 2 day naps now of about 1.5hrs, he’s eating amazingly too. We all feel so much better from finally sleeping! 

Sophie & Harry (May 2019)

I attended a 1 hour sleep clinic with Tasha a month ago. My 3 year old daughter couldn’t go to sleep without me cuddling her & used me as a comforter. She would always play with my ear when she was tired and usually woke 2 or 3 times a night, but needed me to help her go back to sleep. I was exhausted & didn’t know what else to try, I couldn’t leave her cry it out. Then I heard about Tasha. She is brilliant and a breath of fresh air. With her help & support, there is a big change for the better. My daughter now goes to sleep in her own bed every night, she doesn’t need to cuddle or play with my ear anymore to fall asleep and on the odd occasion she does get up in the night, for the toilet or a hug, she goes back to sleep quickly, on her own. As a result, we are all having more sleep & feeling better during the day. It’s not been an easy, quick fix month, but every night has got easier and we are confident that the new routine will last. Tasha is a good listener, very knowledgeable, she doesn’t judge anyone’s parenting & has helped us so much with her advice & holistic approach x

Andrea (June 2019)

Tash has loved professionally working with and caring for babies for as long as she can remember, from baby-sitting and child minding, to qualifying as a nursery nurse. In 2009, she qualified as a Children’s nurse (RCBN) in Swansea University.

In January 2013 Rubba-Bubba was born, as well as becoming a mum to a beautiful little girl in the November. From then on the business and our family has blossomed – Master Finnie arrived in Feb 2016 and there was up to 10 classes a week. Tash taught baby massage and more recently baby yoga for 5 years along side nursing in a Special care baby unit and Children’s ward in West Wales and currently works in the community within the Health Visitor team.

In 2017/2018 The Rubba-Bubba Franchise was born, providing flexible working and rewarding  and profitable business opportunities for driven and motivated Mama’s who want to make a difference! 

Tash qualified as an infant massage and yoga instructor with one of the UK’s leading training providers in London. The qualification is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives (RCM).

Being part of so many stressful and traumatic times for both parents and baby, (whether baby needed SCBU or not) plus as a mum myself, I can really appreciate the precious time you have with your baby and the barriers you may face. Baby massage really overcomes a lot of those hurdles that exist in day-to-day life as a new mum. I love the fact baby massage is such a simple and relaxing skill but yet there’s so many benefits to.”

Other relevant qualifications

  • Msc Health Visitor 
  • BN Nursing Degree (child) 2:1
  • Degree level (5) in holistic Baby and Child sleep Coaching
  • Distinction Level 3 and 4 Baby and Child Sleep Consultancy
  • Level 2 & 3 Child protection
  • Paediatric and Neonatal intermediate life support (PILS)
  • 2 day Breast-feeding course
  • Health Sciences Foundation Degree
  • NVQ Early Years Care & Education Level 2
  • A current CRB (police check)
  • Holistic Services insurance.

Sleep Coaching

Tash is a qualified level 5 (degree) baby and child sleep coach. Anyone who knows Tash, knows how much she loves babies and children to get the sleep they need. No-one needs sleep more than little ones- to cope with the day, to grow, to learn, to feel like eating, to develop, to concentrate, to enjoy, to heal, to listen and most importantly to be happy. Parents and carers also need to be well rested to function and cope with day to day life.

Tash offers one-to-one sleep coaching sessions for all ages on baby’s and children at the convenience of your own home or via Skype/Zoom video call. You do not need to live in South Wales.

The service includes a full informal and non judgemental analysis of your little ones world…from play, milk, food, settling, structure and anything in-between to come up with a holistic and realistic sleep plan that mirrors your parenting ethos and style to optimise your families sleep. Once you have feel the bespoke plan is for you, Tash will follow you up each week for 6 weeks to give you and your family the best possible start on your sleep journey and the tools to be able to sustain the sleep as your little one gets older and their sleep needs change! Check out the sleep page for more info