Tash Hughes founder of Rubba-Bubba with her daughter

This is me! 

I’m Tash, wrong side of 30, Children’s nurse, health visitor, wife to one, Mama of 2 and 22 fluffybutts (chickens) I’m OBSESSED with deep purple, shortbread and an occasional pink gin!

Rubba-Bubba Founded in 2013

I founded Rubba-Bubba in 2013 when I was looking for something that complemented my children’s nursing! I was living in London at the time when I came across a baby massage course and instantly fell in love! I loved the thought of bringing a community together and how the classes were more than a cuppa! Something that helps post-natal depression and colic? Yes I needed to be apart of this!

After relocating back to Wales (hubby is Welsh) and running loads of wonderful baby massage classes, still working as a paeds (children’s) nurse and having 2 crazy bubbaloos of my own to juggle, I needed to be in 15 places at once to keep up with the demand, SO I jumped through a million hoops, span 27 plates and in year 5 of the biz, I franchised Rubba-Bubba- well piloted, not that I knew that at the time! 

Rubba-Bubba Franchise

After investing in tip top franchise mentoring, jumping through the gazillion hoops I finally had a franchise I could be proud of.

My vision for our franchisees is to have a stress-free and flexible work-life balance. I am committed to encouraging our franchisees to put themselves and their family commitments first so they reach their full potential.

I want to ensure that all franchisees feel personally supported and empowered to be the best versions of themselves. If they feel seen and heard the knock-on effect to their work is tenfold. 

When the pandemic hit in 2019 oh and didn’t it hit us hard (like everyone) However as a children’s nurse, being deployed and working in the NHS had to be the priority. I decided the growth of the business had to take a back seat and nurture the fabulous pilot franchisees I had. Thank fudge they pulled through and we are out the other side now so the franchise can be priority again.

In 2021 I signed my first 2 real life franchisees. They have both been part of Rubba-Bubba for years so it was a natural progression to share Rubba-Bubba with them. 

Fast forward to today, I am super proud of our classes and how far we have come. There has been no funding, loans or sponsors, just hard work and bucket loads of blood, sweat and tears!

We’ve added baby yoga, sensory, messy and preschool massage/yoga to the timetable. There are now 5 fabulous franchisees, who are able to run their own baby within the school hours, reap the benefits of being their own boss AND access the sensational helping hand in their back pocket (If i do say so myself ha!)


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