My Second Birth - Tash with her little boy Finley just after she had given birth

It was time for my second birth! 12 days over and I had to ring the ward at 8 am to check if there was a bed….I had prayed this didn’t have to happen, I was on hyper-alert for any little niggle or cramp, why didn’t the sweep work? I couldn’t eat a hotter curry! Nothing, not even a twinge!

We went to bed that night admitting I’d have to be induced in the morning. I slept well considering but at 6 am I  was rudely awoken by this sudden trickle! I jumped out of bed so quickly kinda unsure of what it was, but then it dawned on me it was my waters. I smugly rang the ward and said ‘I think I’m doing it myself. Thank fudge for that….”

Surreal conversations between contractions

Hubby rang work to say he wasn’t going in and dropped our eldest to the inlaws. I just bounced on the ball and got in the zone, having normal but surreal conversations between contractions. My teenage stepson was sitting on the sofa watching tv and generally chatting to us while I was draped over hubby doing the contractions dance, swaying from side to side, breathing through each one. It was time for the TENS.

The contractions got pretty intense and by 3pm (ish) hubs made the executive decision to formula one it down the dual carriageway! My life flashed before me I swear! I remember him saying ‘are you pushing?’ I literally didn’t know! and I certainly didn’t mean to but my body just took over. I felt every bump on the journey and no TENS boost was going to help by that point.

Birthing Pool

We got to the newly renovated and deserted MLU, I was shouting “I need the gas, please give me the gas….can I get in the pool?” The lovely midwife was like “I’ll just examine you..… yup 10cms here’s your gas!” Oh, thank the lord it’s amazing stuff!

Once the pool was ready, calm was restored, it was dark, I was back in the zone, my playlist was going, I was high on gas and hubby was right by my side! I opened my eyes for a second and saw the midwife with the net! OMG!

My body was just doing its thing now, I wasn’t consciously pushing. The midwife did say put your hands down there and feel the baby’s head….I didn’t like the idea of that for some reason and I can’t decide whether I regret it now or not! A few conscious pushes and the head was out, I then remember waiting a bit (felt like forever) then thought f*ck this I want it out so pushed again and the baby arrived. I bloody felt that tear cos of my inpatience! Bugger!

A Baby Boy!

After being there 45 mins the midwife put him straight on me, Craig had a little look and announced our surprise was a boy! 😍 Finley Harrison was born in the pool (after them telling me there wasn’t time to fill the pool) 8lb 13 1/2 of him!

I was relieved it was all over but was numb in shock. No idea what song he was born to… (unlike his sister). We just sat for a while to enjoy him, then I noticed the colour of the water and handed him to hubs so I could go out. I was shaking with adrenaline! I wasn’t even sure I could get out of the pool! Once I was back on the bed, dried off, he fed like a trooper! He was a bloody natural and that’s when the tears fell! After such a hard start with my daughter-expressing, cup feeds, shields, shredded nips and a lot of manhandling, this little man just nailed it so easily. Bloody typical! 

My impatience tear!

He was still feeding while the midwives examined my tear. The pair of them were looking at me, then looking at my foof, discussing whether they could stitch me up for ages. They eventually decided it was a doctor’s job. I was wheeled up to the labour ward. Great! More gas and air! I remember dreading the doctor as working and having a baby in the same place has its pros and cons. Awkward! Phew, no one I knew, so was happy for them to stitch me up so we could go home! 

It’s such a surreal feeling walking back out of the hospital not being pregnant and knowing that was my last labour we will ever plan. 

We stayed in our baby bubble until the next day when we announced his arrival and his sister was let loose. Two under 2 and a half to keep alive and safe now?! Oh gosh! What have we done?!

Finn fed for the next 14 months, spewed over us more times than I care to remember and is now a funny, cheeky and loving six year old! Soz if it’s TMI 🙂

Finley Hughes - Tash (CEO of Rubba-Bubba) son wearing a yellow top with Cool Kid written on it