baby poking pregnant mums tummy

My eldest poking her sibling (some things never change! )

Maybe your baby shower was cancelled or went online, your partner wasn’t allowed to the scans and had limited time with you at the birth. Im so sorry this isn’t the mat leave you were expecting!

Did you have big plans to have the family round to meet your new arrival..

Maybe you had big plans for coffee and cake with other mum friends

You had big ideas to do loads of classes and meet loads of new mummy friends

But instead, you are in lockdown!

In lockdown with the most precious person in the world…your baby!

You don’t have to be isolated in isolation!

Every inch of your skin is a stereotype of what a mother you wanted to become.

You have your whole world under your roof and at the end of a phone!

The wait has been too long, but now it’s time to hold with love what you yearned for.

Yes! Yes! It is not the same! But you’re safe.

Please don’t suffer alone.

Please reach out… we are still here!

Chat to friends and family… they are still there

Always ring your health visitor… they are still there

Join some live online classes (in your jamas!) They are still there

Small little hands, ten perfect little fingers, small little feet and ten perfect little toes.

All your baby needs is you… your best you!