The snoozeshade:

Why you need one….

As a sleep consultant I am always looking for gentle sleep solutions that enable parents to optimise their little ones sleep without being chained to the cot all the time!

Yes if you want more sleep at night, we know that we have to work on the day time naps, however why should that always be in the cot?

If you are enjoying a family day out at The Wetlands Centre and Mr Grizzly strikes… you abandon ship and go home? 

If you’re at a friends BBQ in the evening and bedtime is looming? Do you really have to go home? 

Nope…not with the SnoozeShade, if you introduce it before they are old enough to pull if off then this magical piece of stretchy, breathable fabric provides a dark, sunsafe (spf50)  little world for your little one to snooze in.  It fits over all prams and strollers and then shuts out the world enough for them to switch off. The zip down the middle is so easy to spy on them without them being distracted or woken by the world! 

If there is one thing you should know about me, I would never recommend anything I have not personally used with my own kids. My SnoozeShade is 6 years old and still going strong. In fact even though mine have both grown out of napping (4+6) I still can’t bear to part with it as it was such a huge part of on-the-go nap time life.  

The Yummy Mummy changing bag always had her teddy or his peter rabbit in ready to snuggle up to, I’d pop my phone next to them while noise was blasting and hey presto…nap time on the move! I have spent many a soft-play play date with eldest running around and youngest in the Icandy jogger snoozing!

Don’t get me wrong, naptime didn’t always go to plan, we are talking about small humans with an agenda of their own, however generally, if it was dark, the nap gap was spot on.  They had their comforter and they couldn’t hear the outside world (white noise) then 9 times out of 10 nap time on the go was a success!

I did experiment to see if naptime without the SnoozeShade was possible for us……hell no! Only the once I tried 🙂 my kids knew the sleepy signs that I had day in day out set up for them and without the snoozeshade, aka darkness it didn’t mean nap time to them! 

You may think that I was setting them up to not sleep anywhere, however if darkness, their comforter and a bit of white noise was all they needed for a 2 hour nap out and about or a late evening with friends then that was ok with me!





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