Online tummy troubles sessions (colic & painful wind)



Does your little one suffer with colic or pain wind?

You need this short video and handout full of solutions!

Instantly download all the tricks of the trade!

I cover:

  • Tweaking your winding techniques to optimise the release of wind
  • Feeding tweaks to prevent colic/wind, (breast or bottle)
  • The 4th trimester and how to prevent colic
  • and the specific baby massage tummy troubles sequence and handout.

Organic baby massage oil will be sent within 48 hours

All advice is evidence based and Health Visitor led.

(Please leave a 20-30min gap after a feed before massaging)online

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12-18m, 18-24m, 2-3y, 4-5y, 6-12m



Intructor's name

Sara, Rach, Mel, N/A