Online tummy troubles sessions (colic & painful wind)



Does your baby suffer with tummy troubles, whether that’s from colic or painful wind? So much so it’s making every day unbearable, every night drags on and is filled with painful screaming, and you just don’t know what else to do?

Is your baby:

  • Inconsolable
  • Uncomfortable and squirming
  • Having trouble settling
  • Grunting VERY loudly

Are you :

  • At your wits end
  • Feeling helpless – not sure what else you can do
  • Fed up of trying all the “tips” and “tricks” but nothing has worked
  • Ready to help your baby once and for all

If you just answered yes to any of the above, then you need this short video and handout full of solutions!

You can Instantly download all the tricks of the trade, and get implementing them straight away!! Goodbye grumpy baby in pain, and hello happy smiley cutie pie!

So what will learn:

  • Winding techniques to optimise the release of wind effectively
  • Feeding tweaks to prevent colic/wind, (breast or bottle)
  • The 4th trimester and how to prevent colic – optimising sleep to avoid the agonising evening meltdown 
  • and the specific baby massage tummy troubles sequence so you have your content and comfortable baby back!


We understand how hard it is, seeing your baby in pain and feeling absolutely helpless. That’s why we’ve crafted the perfect product to help you understand all the different ways you can help your baby and combat the  tummy troubles once and for all.

What our customers say –

Morgan is now a happy colic free baby thanks to the help of our daily massage.

Download now straight to your phone, and get started straight away!


Please note – Organic baby massage oil will be sent within 48 hours

*All advice is evidence-based and Health visitor led with 15 years of experience within the NHS. If you do need to seek further advice, then it is recommeneded for you to reach out to your own Health-care provider.