tash hughes founder of rubba-bubba with her family

Did you know that we offer Rubba Bubba as a franchise opportunity?

Tash our CEO, has spent years
developing the systems and knowledge behind Rubba-Bubba, she has literally poured her heart into it.

Rubba-Bubba is a brilliant, caring and successful business model now but it has taken all those years of fine tuning to become what it is today.

Buying into a Rubba-Bubba franchise allows you to transport yourself 4-5 years forward into your business instantly.

This business in a box provides you with all the training, systems and knowledge you need to be successful. No need to waste time, energy and money making the simple mistakes that new business owners often make, Tash has done that for you already and learned from them.

Maybe lockdown has caused you to reflect on your work/life balance? Perhaps you are starting to think about returning to work after maternity but don’t want to leave your bubba and go back into the office. Maybe you are facing redundancy or want to develop a second income stream.

Whatever your circumstances Rubba-Bubba is a flexible, scalable business opportunity that you can build around your family and other commitments. It’s not easy, no business is, but with our comprehensive training, access to the team for support and clear processes to follow, you are never alone in your journey to self-employment and the work life balance you want!

Who are we looking for?

Franchise places are strictly limited, we currently have just two places available on the next training programme. We do not just take anyone either, we are incredibly proud of the brand that we have built, and any prospective franchisees need to be a good fit.

You are probably a mum yourself although auntie’s, grandmothers and sisters make equally good franchise owners too. You will love fresh, squidgy little bubbas and have an empathy for how overwhelming, wonderful, tiring and challenging parenthood can be. You will have some knowledge of baby massage and yoga and in most cases our franchisees have attended our classes with bubba themselves.

On top of all of this, you will have the drive and determination to grow your area and build your business. As we’ve already mentioned our training is comprehensive so we know we will give you all of the practical skills you need provided you are caring, nurturing and committed.

What do you get?

As a successful franchisee you get 4-5 days (dependent on your needs and experience) of training to set you up to succeed. This includes 2 days of business development training, so you understand what goes on behind the scenes. A full day of Baby Massage training and a full day of Baby Yoga training so you know exactly how to perform all of our sequences safely and effectively. The baby massage and baby yoga courses are accredited so you also graduate from your training with up to 3 qualifications.

That is not the end of your training and support either. Our CEO, Tash and the team
are on hand to support you as you begin to build and can assist you with a taster session so you know we are with you all the way to launching your classes.

Each franchisee can run a minimum of 4 classes a week, for those of you that might choose to grow on a full- time basis don’t worry some of our franchise owners choose more than the 4 classes.

Rubba-Bubba is a family friendly business and it is entirely possible to build your business on a part time basis if you need or want to. Classes run with a minimum of 4 attendees and pre-COVID a maximum of 12 in each class. Maximum numbers per class will be dictated by the size of your space and current government guidance moving forward.

You also receive comprehensive Operating Procedures which you are required to follow to ensure that all of our classes are run to the same high standards. Alongside the procedures you will receive your first year of insurance, DBS check guidance and as we mentioned early on, an approximate 5-year head start on anyone starting from scratch.

Once you are up and running you can always contact our CEO or other franchise members for support and advice and there are regular franchisee meetings and correspondence giving you support, advice and guidance to continue to grow. We are always adding to the curriculum, toddler yoga will be the next class on offer (2021)

Why Rubba-Bubba?

At Rubba-Bubba we pride ourselves on our small, personal classes. We have niched our classes down and provide holistic baby massage and yoga routines only we are not a generalist provider and make no apologies for that choice. Our routines and approach are all evidence based and our purpose is to bring a sense of community to Mama’s, helping to build long lasting and healthy relationships not just with their bubba but across the class as a whole.

What areas are available?

Currently we have a range of availability which can be discussed in more detail if you contact our CEO Tash directly on Tash@rubba-bubba.co.uk

We also have a unique opportunity to acquire the Ammanford and Carmarthen Territory which has been running successful classes for some time, so the brand is already well established and respected in the area. This will not be available for long so please do get in touch quickly if this is of interest.

What next?

If you feel that this could be your next business move and you have what it takes to join the Rubba-Bubba team then drop us a message with a brief outline of your knowledge, experience and current position and we will get in touch to see if you are a good fit for us.