Mums and babies sitting in a circle in a Rubba Bubba class

Rubba-Bubba is 8 years old! 

Well, who would have thought? My small business is 8? Oh wow! 

I can not put into words how crazy, epic, stressful and rewarding this journey has been!

Drive and Motivation

Starting right from scratch, all I had was the drive and motivation to start something that brought parents together that they would enjoy and I could share my knowledge and passions for babies!

I was looking for something that I could fit in around my (nursing) shifts that complimented my career already. I was living in London at the time when I came across a baby massage course and instantly fell in love!

I saw the huge barriers of having a baby in incubators and parents not knowing how they could care for or touch their baby and knew baby massage could remove that barrier!

I love how the classes in the community were more than a cuppa! Something that helps postnatal depression? Yes, I needed to be a part of this!

The course was accredited by the Royal College of Midwives which was super important to me being a nurse, so I saved up and got qualified!

I had zero business experience and no funding but I knew I had to give it a go! After relocating back to Wales (hubby is Welsh), sh*t got real!

I wanted to start using my shiny new qualification as a baby massage instructor, however, I had no venue, an awful logo that cost me £5, no website or booking system and I was designing my own rubbish posters on Word. 

Small Community Room

I did just what I could with the tools that I had….I found a lovely small community room that was perfect for classes, plenty of parking and no need for 2m back then!

I spent hours walking the streets asking shops to display my (shite) posters, dropping leaflets and telling anyone I knew that I was starting baby massage classes. 

My First Class

I will never forget my first class, I was super nervous, didn’t know if anyone was going to turn up or even enjoy it!

I had my float tin ready, a blank register, massage oil (but no labels on the bottles) and photocopied handouts (yuck!) at the ready.

Through the door walked 3 mums and babies to my amazement! That was the start of Rubba-bubba!

5 Years Later – Rubba-Bubba Franchise Launches

After having years of wonderful baby massage classes in multiple venues, still working as a paediatrics (children’s) nurse and having 2 crazy bubbaloos of my own to juggle, (now 5 & 8) we have grown so much!

I have written and accredited our own baby massage and baby yoga courses, as well as toddler massage and, have recently completed the Rubba-Bubba toddler and preschool yoga course too!

Things were getting pretty busy and I needed to be in 15 places at once to keep up with the demand, SO I jumped through a million hoops, span 27 plates, stood on my head and in year 5 of business, I franchised Rubba-Bubba so that other parents could run their own Rubba-Bubba classes around their commitments and families. A few years on piloting the franchise brings us up to date! 

Rubba-Bubba Now…

Fast forward to today, I am so proud of our classes and how far we have come. I am now a qualified health visitor and sleep coach. There have been no loans or sponsors, just hard work and bucket loads of blood, sweat and tears!

There are 2 fabulous franchisees who have both given up their jobs AND there have been sooooo many parents and bubba’s that have made friends for life and had the best mat leave memories… pandemic and all!


What to do now

If you are ready to book you and your bubba on one of our classes click here.

If you want to chat to ask any questions before booking, we do have a FAQ’s page but feel free to contact me to have a chat.

And if you are interested in becoming an instructor and running your own Rubba-Bubba class as part of our Franchise scheme then please click here

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