Sleep Academy

Continuing sleep support

Why would you sign up to Rubba-bubba Sleep academy?

Well if you want to learn the piano #eltonjohnlewis then who would you call?

If you wanted to be good at tennis? then who would you call?

So when you wanted more sleep, you’ve called a sleep coach!!

Let me ask you some questions….

Once you stop these lessons, are you likely to get better, stay the same or get worse?

Are you likely to get out of practice on that piano?

How do you to get back on track after a tennis injury?

In other words with a holiday, illness, regressions and all sorts of things (out of our control) that life throws at us we may start to steer off course…..HOWEVER with this very unique access to as much support as you need, I will PERSONALLY keep you and your baby on your successful sleep journey!

Never slip back to when we first met again!

All questions are via email

2 questions a month

4 questions a month

Unlimited questions a month

1 x 20 min video call a month


If you have some baby/child related questions (doesn’t have to be on sleep) but you don’t require a full sleep package or monthly questions, please feel free to look at the one off emails/video calls on the academy link/form above.