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Tash is a qualified level 3 and level 4 baby and child sleep coach. As a paediatric nurse Tash understands how much babies and children need to get the sleep-no-one needs sleep more than little ones; to cope with the day, to grow, to learn, to feel like eating, to develop, to concentrate, to enjoy, to heal, to listen and most importantly to be happy. Parents and carers also need to be well rested to function and cope with day to day life!

Tash’s daughter slept 9pm-9am from 4 weeks old and still loves her sleep now. We went through a big sleep regression at 9 months which we came out the other side of. She is now 5 and has been known to sleep 15 hours straight!

 Her son slept 8-10 hours from 6 weeks old and slept 6.30pm-6am from 8 weeks old. (Both breastfed babies) This has certainly not happened by luck! He had a 4 month sleep regression, we had to abandon the dummy, then he went back to his normal sleeping habits, he is now 3 and is sleeps 12-14 hours and has just grown out of his 3 hour afternoon nap during the day.

Tash offers one-to-one sleep coaching sessions at the convenience of your own home or via Skype/zoom to help you get some much needed sleep. You do not need to live in South Wales.

Tash covers all aspects of sleep and ages, she is non-judgemental of any sleep behaviours your are practising. There is no wrong way of getting your baby/child to sleep if it works for you and your baby/child, its only if you want to move away from behaviours that aren’t working for you, baby/child and need little help and guidance that Tash can help. Our informal chat will consist of a family centred and holistic approach to your baby/child’s sleep diary, background, personality, sleep problems etc and together we come up with a gentle and realistic sleep plan to optimise sleep for everyone. We mirror what you are doing now with a few tweaks to work towards your sleep goals gently with as much support as you need. Change nothing and nothing changes!

Personalised Routine

If you’d just like a personalised routine for your baby/toddlers developmental age from the time they normally get up to the recommended amount of naps and bedtime click here and choose ‘personalised routine’.

For example….
A 7 month old needs 3 naps a day, if they normally get up at 7am.
First nap at ….
2nd nap at….
Catnap at….
Start bedtime routine….

Check out the testimonials below to see how Tash is helping so many families sleep and feel more human…. Is your story the next testimonial?

My husband and I used Tasha for 6 weekly sessions via zoom to help us with our little girl and her horrendous sleeping. The support throughout was amazing and everything was broken down into small chunks so we could tackle one thing at a time. We have seen some major improvements including the baby starting to have some really long naps which never used to last longer than 20 minutes. She’s also napping in her own cot which had never happened before and we are seeing longer chunks of sleep in the night. We are still working on some aspects of our daughters sleep but Tasha has given us the tools and advice we need to keep moving forward on this journey and continue to keep things improving. We would definitely recommend using Tasha, it was a totally safe, flexible and non judgemental service and she really knows her stuff

July 2020

Tash has been an absolute life saver. She is always there for support whatever the day or time. When I first reached out to Tash my husband and I were at our wits end and my daughter would not self settle, and wouldn’t sleep for more than 2 hours at a time. Tash was quick to schedule us in and set us up with a plan which we followed. After sticking to all of Tash’s advice and hints and tips my 18 month old now sleeps from roughly 7pm – 7am every night and will go down awake and self settle, giving me back some much needed Me time. For anyone thinking of it I would 100% recommend reaching out to Tash as it is totally worth the money as to me, my daughter sleeping is invaluable. Thanks so much again Tash x

March 2020

“Highly recommend the Sleep coaching sessions with Tash. Made me see our daughter’s sleep in a whole different light..and has genuinely changed things for us as I now have time to do chores or put my feet up while she sleeps..where as didn’t before. Good to go to re what products are best on the market too..Thanks again”

Liz and Ava, June 2018

Tasha… I’m not wishing to jinx things… but Alfie is sleeping Sooooo Well!! Thank you so much!! I really can’t believe it. We’ve stuck with ur plan, persevered, not given in and now we’re not sitting with him for very long to settle him. Plus twice last week he slept 715-7am for me!! Other nights just waking once maybe twice. And hes learning to self-settle.
We’re all feeling so much better.
I’m so glad I called you. We appreciate your time and help and will def recommend you, many thanks.

Kath+ Alfie, Feb, 2018

“Well…OMG this has never happened before….. she woke at 1.30, I laid her back down and she went back to sleep! I even sat outside her room for half an hour incase she woke again but she’s still sleeping now!!! (0700) I know its the first night so maybe an epic fluke but it shows she can do it and it is possible. Im so chuffed! Nap time…i took her straight upstairs and put her in her cot, she cried for a couple of minutes so went to go back in but by the time i got to the top of the stairs it had all gone quiet, i left it 5 minutes and she had gone to sleep!! I can’t believe it, for months and months i tried doing that and she’s protested for so long, she’s still asleep now, (2 hours) Im sooooo shocked and feel like getting the gin out already!”

17 month old Jan 2018

“I have had tash help me with my son’s sleeping and she has been great! We have gone from a baby who would only nap in my arms to a baby who settles himself to sleep in his cot usually within 10 minutes. She has always been there to help guide me if something isn’t working and for moral support. Would definitely recommend”

July, 2017

“Tash helped us to finally get some sleep, our son use to wake up every 1-2 hours every night and only sleep in the sling during the day. Now he sleeps in his own bed in the day and sleep through the night. Persistence was very hard and difficult at first but really paid off, Highly recommended !!! Thanks Tash”

6 month old, Aug 2017

“After having our first baby, my husband and I felt like a rabbit in headlights when sent home from hospital with this tiny, vulnerable baby we knew nothing about. Our first night home was a complete disaster. She cried and cried and we didn’t know what to do. The days and nights rolled on and we were left to just make it up as we went along, reading all the conflicting information on google. That’s when Tash came along. She visited me and was on the other end of the phone day and night and her advice and knowledge was absolute gold. She put everything in to perspective and I was blown away by her knowledge of babies and children. She taught us about the importance of sleep, routine, about babies being overtired and about the benefits of massage. By the age of 6 weeks my baby was sleeping 7pm – 2.30am – 6am and that was purely down to the advice from Tash. We now have a wonderfully well balanced and content child and I could not thank Tash enough for her ongoing support”

Fiona and Phoebe, May 2016

“A huge thank you Tash for giving us the tools we needed to get our little girl to sleep. As new parents you are bombarded with advice on how best to get a full nights sleep, we found this very overwhelming and didn’t know what to do for the best! This is when we contacted Tash. She gave us an easy plan to follow and slowly but surely our little girl started sleeping through the night. A huge thank you for all of your support and advice, we would highly recommend the sleep coaching, wish we had done it sooner!”

Hannah + Lottie Sept 2018

Harry’s sleeping is amazing. He will go down between 7pm – 7.30pm, sleep through until between 5am- 6am for a feed and will then sleep on average until 8am! It only took a few nights and he improved dramatically, within the week he was sleeping through. He has 2 day naps now of about 1.5hrs, he’s eating amazingly too. We all feel so much better from finally sleeping! 

Sophie & Harry May 2019

Hiya Tasha…I can’t believe its been 4 weeks since we seen you… we now have a pro sleeper! Another good night…9 hours straight, a quick top up and back for another 2.5 hours! I’m thrilled! We finally have a routine and time to ourselves!

16 weeks old Sept 2018

“Tasha helped me get my 17month old baba to finally get more sleep! She had been a awful sleeper from early days and it’s been a tough 17months of no sleep! After a set plan with Tasha I followed her instructions and within weeks my Penelope has slept amazing I’m still in shock and can’t believe how she’s transformed by just making little changes to her routine! We still have the odd night and some early mornings but the difference is incredible! I’ve waited till now to write this as I haven’t wanted to jinx myself but so far the improvement is incredible! Tasha I can’t thank you enough for all your help support and advice- you’ve changed my life!
Can’t recommend Tasha enough she is amazing! I highly recommend if your having sleep issues with your baba to reach out too Tasha for some help!”

Victoria + Penelope Feb 2018

“Im feeling fab today, he only woke once at 5.25am then went back til 6.15am! the best so far, he was in a lovely mood for breakfast, we are really pleased, i feel so much better than last monday in work”

2.5 year old, Jan 2018

“So excited this morning Tash, he slept 8.10pm-5am! No wake ups!! He got out of bed at 5am but then straight back in and slept til 6am”!!

2.7 year old Jan 2018

“After having Tash work her magic on my son, I can only praise her. My 8 month son was waking every 20 minutes and needed to be rocked to sleep each time and then wake every time he went in his cot. After giving her all the details she came up with a plan that worked! She gave us two options, the first was working but not quick enough for our tired minds so we went with the 2nd option which worked pretty much straight away and 7 months on he’s still sleeping 12 hours a night. I can never thank Tash enough for giving my back my sleep and sanity. If you don’t know whether having someone help you with a routine will work for you, I can honestly say try it…..its the best thing we ever did!”

Amy and Noah 8 month old, Jan 2018

“I would like to thank you for all your help. I was one mama on the edge! I’d like to share my story – my new born was crying constantly (he suffers with constipation) and would not be put down so I co slept to get some sleep at night and during the day carried him in a sling so I could look after my toddler. This was fine at first but at 10 weeks I knew I could not go on like this! A friend told me about Tash, Said the massage class may help with his constipation. I could not make the classes because of my toddler so arranged a one on one appointment. Not only did she advise me on a massage that would help with the constipation but a routine to help get him into his Moses for sleep and his chair or play mat during the day. I can not believe how quickly we have seen results. On day three of the routine my little one is sleeping through the night in his Moses (waking only for feeds) and for his naps during the day plus he has been to the toilet with out the aid of laxatives. To sum up we have a much happier little man and a very happy mum. Once again a big thank you from the Fisher family”.

Sept 2016

“We were struggling to get Alfie into a bedtime routine after he grew out of his next to me crib. With a new baby on the way, we asked Tash for some help in settling him down in his own cot for daytime naps and at bedtime as we had got into the habit of him coming into our bed and him needing us with him throughout his naps. We were worried we were going to advised to let him cry and put him in his cot and walk away, but we needn’t have been. Tash listened carefully to our needs and constructed a gentle plan for us that would require taking small steps in getting Alfie into his cot and out of our bed without too much upset for him. When I asked Tash for help, Alfie would cry and cry when he was put in his cot and he was waking several times a night. Alfie is now sleeping through the night (and has been for a few months now) in his own cot and his bedtime is much earlier too. Tash helped us to understand our baby’s sleep needs and she was there every step of the way. Tash was honest about it not being a quick fix but long term it was so worth doing! Highly recommend using Tash for sleep coaching, we are all so much happier and have more sleep as a result. Thank you so much Tash xxx”

Sophie + Alfie Dec 2018

A Big Change For The Better!  I attended a 1 hour sleep clinic with Tasha a month ago. My 3 year old daughter couldn’t go to sleep without me cuddling her & used me as a comforter. She would always play with my ear when she was tired and usually woke 2 or 3 times a night, but needed me to help her go back to sleep. I was exhausted & didn’t know what else to try, I couldn’t leave her cry it out. Then I heard about Tasha. She is brilliant and a breath of fresh air. With her help & support, there is a big change for the better. My daughter now goes to sleep in her own bed every night, she doesn’t need to cuddle or play with my ear anymore to fall asleep and on the odd occasion she does get up in the night, for the toilet or a hug, she goes back to sleep quickly, on her own. As a result, we are all having more sleep & feeling better during the day. It’s not been an easy, quick fix month, but every night has got easier and we are confident that the new routine will last. Tasha is a good listener, very knowledgeable, she doesn’t judge anyone’s parenting & has helped us so much with her advice & holistic approach xx

Andrea June 2019

My baby (11 months) was waking every hour and i was at my wits end so i called tash over for desperate help. In less than two months my baby is now sleeping 9pm-6am. He is much more happier now hes having a good sleep and im starting to feel human again! Tash, your the best thank you so much!!

Jess + Ollie Nov 2018

I love my babies but after having months of the 3 babies waking numerous times through the night and getting up crying in the morning myself and my wife were at the point of exhaustion even thought we were sceptical we enlisted the help of a baby sleep coach. Here enters Tash she listened to our needs and within no joke within days they are sleeping all twelve hours 6pm until 6 am along with 2 day time naps!

Our bedtime routine wasn’t to bad but Tasha showed us were we were going wrong put a plan into place and was and still is there to answer any questions! Honestly she saved my sanity and my marriage! Forever grateful!

Tracey, Claire, Grace, Harlee + Isaac, March 2018

“Thanks Tash, I don’t know where we’d be without you, its still a learning process but he’s come on leaps and bounds in the past couple of weeks and its all positive”

9 month old Jan 2018

Hi Tash, I wanted to message you to say for the last 2 weeks Chester has cracked it and is sleeping through the night!! I hate to celebrate as I don’t want to jinx things but he’s been a star! A HUGE thank you for all your support and advice you have given me….I couldn’t have done it without your guidance-thank you!

Emmy + Chester, 3 years old Jan 2018

“OMG she slept for over 2 hours, woke for a feed, had a play, yawned so we did our nap time routine, she is now asleep again. Unbelievable! Again I can’t thank you enough”

May 2017

“So last night it feels like a miracle has happened- baby has slept through the night, 2 nights in a row! … This hasn’t happened since she hit the 4 month growth spurt! We were doing just fine until at 4 months. She was sleeping through, napping well and even settled in her own room…but went completely off track at 4m and it felt like I had a new born again.

I contacted Tash in diastraights, I was exhausted and felt like I couldn’t help my baby sleep. I didn’t have the tools to know what she wanted, I thought all this was ment to be instinctive!? Ha! well I didn’t have it so I was willing to learn if it ment I could settle this child- she could rest, I could rest and all would be right with the world again!

Baby at her worst was having 20 min naps in the day and awake every 2 hours at night. With going back to work soon I was desperate for some improvement and I’m so glad I asked for help! Tash understood totally how I was feeling and coached me on every detail of what I was doing with baby- she taught me how to look out for sleep cues and about how her awake time directly effects her sleep. I honestly could go on for pages about all the stuff Tash has taught me. I am so happy that I can understand my babies language and feel 100% confident in what I do.
Her naps are now minimum an hour, at best 2 hours-3 times a day! Unbelievable but true! She goes to bed at 6pm every night and we have a well established wind-down bath and bedtime routine. She’s been gradually lengthening how long she sleeps at night, waking but then settling herself and finally she’s doing the long stretches 6pm-6am and this morning I HAD TO WAKE HER!! Simply Amazing. All thanks to Tash. Best sleep coach, and an expert of all things baby, she knows all the secrets and tricks of the trade and I feel so well equipt now I could deal with anything baby throws at me!
Happy Well Rested Mummy!”

7 month old, Sept 2016