Sleep Package

If you would like more sleep for you and your baby/child, with a family centered approach here’s what’s included:

Baby / Child
Holistic Analysis

We arrange a 60 – 90 minute video/house call where I get to know your child with a full holistic analysis of their:

– bedtime structure
– nighttime wakings
– naps
– settling
– attachment and bonding
– milk, food and diet
– playtime/stimulation
– ailments from reflux to teething
– their likes and dislikes

Child Personality Quiz
Parenting Quiz

You may ask why such a thorough analysis is necessary?

Surely I only need to know about their sleep I hear you say?

Well actually, daytime activities have a huge knock on effect at night and if every aspect is examined, I am more likely to match you and your family values with the right strategy, produce a bespoke action plan- which means the chances of success and sustainability is more achievable.

Once we have got to know each other, you will receive:


A PERSONALISED sleep strategy to mirror your baby/child’s personality and your parenting style, 


A personalised flexible routine, appropriate for the developmental age of your child.



My free nap tracker (printable)


The baby/child bedroom checklist


My recommended top sleep products-tried and tested!


Feed/nutritional guidance


Working with a comforter/dummy advice


How to cope with teething/ailments/holidays and sleep


Day time tricks to aid sleep at night


When is the next developmental leap/sleep regression?


How to continue on your own, once we’ve cracked it.

Not forgetting the parents

You will also receive:


A parents mindset guide to sleep – you can do anything if you put your mind to it.


A sleep quiz so that once they sleep better you can to-no more ‘oh great they’ve gone back to sleep but I can’t!’


Support throughout this package: 4-6 weeks of weekly reviews and accountability via email/video call. More support available see below.

Price £150

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Other Services

Personalised Routine

If you’d just like a personalised routine for your baby/toddlers developmental age from the time they normally get up to the recommended amount of naps and bedtime click here and choose ‘personalised routine’.

For example….
A 7 month old needs 3 naps a day, if they normally get up at 7am.

First nap at ….
2nd nap at….
Catnap at
Start bedtime routine….

Price £19.99

Ready to book?

A routine is written with the assumption that your little one can settle themselves or doesn’t need much/any help getting to sleep, however without a thorough family centred sleep analysis if this doesn’t work, there are some other sleep issues going on that would need to be identified to devise a gentle action plan that mirrors your family ethos to optimise the amount of sleep your family is getting

Continuing support after our first 6 weeks

Why would you sign up to Rubba-bubba Sleep academy?

Well if you want to learn the piano #eltonjohnlewis then who would you call?

If you wanted to be good at tennis? then who would you call?

So when you wanted more sleep, you’ve called a sleep coach!!

Let me ask you some questions….

Once you stop these lessons, are you likely to get better, stay the same or get worse?

Are you likely to get out of practice on that piano?

How do you to get back on track after a tennis injury?

In other words with a holiday, illness, regressions and all sorts of things (out of our control) that life throws at us we may start to steer off course…..HOWEVER with this very unique access to as much support as you need, I will PERSONALLY keep you and your baby on your successful sleep journey!

Never slip back to when we first met again!

All questions are via email

2 questions a month

4 questions a month

Unlimited questions a month

1 x 20 min video call a month