Our Clients Testimonials


I thoroughly enjoyed my baby massage training with Tash from Rubba-Bubba!

As a Newborn Photographer, I have learned valuable skills that will help improve babies’ experience with me during newborn sessions. I look forward to being able to pass my knowledge on to new parents, which can aid them in bonding with their baby and encouraging a better night’s sleep.

The great thing about this course is I learned things I didn’t know before, including the benefits of baby massage helping with postnatal depression.

I highly recommend this course, it was very informative and Tash always answers any questions you have! She made me feel very comfortable throughout.

Elle, Swansea March 2022

Such a wonderful experience – I’m so glad I signed up.

I was anxious about being in a group environment, but needn’t have been. Sarah couldn’t be more warm, welcoming and understanding.

She creates a lovely, relaxing atmosphere and a great opportunity to bond with our tiny new humans and have some relaxing time with a cuppa!

I really cannot recommend these class enough to all new mums (even if you’re a bit anxious like me)

Thanks so much Sara!


Me and Mason started our Rhyme Time journey with Sara when Mason was only 4 months old. Probably the first public place I ever breastfeed Mason, Sara brought me a cup of tea and a card saying Keep on Boobing. That first lesson got us hooked!

We feel completely safe and comfortable always. Now we’re in our second term and are still absolutely loving it. I’ve recently gone back to work and don’t work Wednesdays simply to take Mason to her lessons. Sara doesn’t just make the effort with the babies, she makes us mammas feel so comfortable.

Will recommend Rubb Bubba with Sara to ANYONE with a baby!! Wednesdays are our favourite days xxx

Sophie 2021

Have just completed my first group session with Rachel and the classes have been truly amazing. Really informative, enjoyable and relaxing for my little one. Has been lovely to meet other mother’s at the same time whilst all complying with covid-19 restrictions. Thank you so much Rachel. Can’t wait for the next sessions to start.
Sept 2021

Going to the baby massage classes with Rach was the favourite part of our week. The massages really soothed and calmed Rosie and we really loved the extra bonding it encouraged. Rach created such a lovely, friendly environment, couldn’t recommend the classes enough, thanks Rach 


Sept 2021

Being 3 months premature…

My little one has completed stage 1&2 of baby massage and is now doing stage 2 baby yoga with Sara and every week we look forward to it, she has a fantastic time every week experiencing the different themes Sara puts on. Being 3 months premature I was reluctant to take her to classes but speaking to Sara in one of her free taster sessions before hand she put my mind at rest and I can honestly say Maisie has benefitted from the classes and so have I being able to meet many other lovely ladies with different stories to tell. Thank you very much Sara for giving me the confidence to introduce Maisie to these lovely classes. X

Cheryl Hopkins March 2020

We’ve really enjoyed our sessions with Sara!
It’s been such a great way to create a lovely bond and to help with things like wind and congestion. Sara provides a lovely, relaxing atmosphere and is so supportive to all of her mums! Thank you Sara! 
Helen Guest March 2020

Really enjoyed baby massage stage 1!
We did most of the lessons in person before lockdown- but the last 2 online. Sara ensures that the online lessons work well so we’ve just signed up to stage 1 yoga via zoom. Highly recommend stage 1 massage, something nice to do with the little ones during all this madness xx
Jo McCarthy March 2020

Such a wonderful experience – I’m so glad I signed up.

I was anxious about being in a group environment, but needn’t have been. Sarah couldn’t be more warm, welcoming and understanding.

She creates a lovely, relaxing atmosphere and a great opportunity to bond with our tiny new humans and have some relaxing time with a cuppa!

I really cannot recommend these class enough to all new mums (even if you’re a bit anxious like me)

Thanks so much Sara! xx

Rachel James Feb 2020

Amanda is amazing at her job

Myself and my Daughter have thoroughly enjoyed stage 1 and stage 2. We are gutted it’s come to the end. Amanda is amazing at her job, warm, friendly and always approachable.highly recommend these classes.

Dec 2019

Harry’s sleeping is amazing.
He will go down between 7pm – 7.30pm, sleep through until between 5am- 6am for a feed and will then sleep on average until 8am! It only took a few nights and he improved dramatically, within the week he was sleeping through. He has 2 day naps now of about 1.5hrs, he’s eating amazingly too. We all feel so much better from finally sleeping! 
Sophie & Harry May 2019

She is always sleepy and relaxed afterwards.

Love the baby massage classes, so warm and friendly. I’ve been going since the baby was 4 weeks old and she loves a massage now, she is always sleepy and relaxed afterwards.

Stacey Feb 2018

Far more than just a baby massage class!!
Myself and Heulwen both enjoyed baby massage with Tasha back in 2014 and we learned so much as well as having fun! Recently I had my second little girl and Tasha gone out of her way to help us massively with the struggles of breastfeeding, her knowledge and experience in this field has helped me massively.
Heather Sept 2016

We cannot thank Tash enough for all the help, advice and kindness she has shown us as a family over the past few months.
We really enjoy going to class every Tuesday – highlight of our week! Cai really relaxes and enjoys each class with his new friends x. Thanks Tash xx
Lauren and Cai 2015

I would recommend this class to any new mothers out there.
Fantastic and enjoyable class.
Rachel and Noah 2015

Me and Gryff love the classIt has helped me with his colic as well as mammy and son time after a bath xx
Tracy and Gryff 2014

Rosie-May and I loved it!
She has a massage every day now, really chills her out and helps her sleep, it’s a lovely relaxed atmosphere and nice to meet new mum’s aswell, you even have tea and toast/cakes which is an added bonus, tash is lovely and really helpful ! I’d recommend booking your place and starting early as you can so you and baby can start loving the benefits from an early age xxx

Janis and Rosie-May 2014

Really love the bonding that happens with babes when massaging!!

Brill class and great meeting other mums and getting advice over a cuppa after class! Tash brill! Would really recommend!

Kim and Bella 2014

Morgan is now a happy colic free baby…

“Morgan and myself have really enjoyed the baby massage classes with Rubba-bubba. The colic class was our favourite as Morgan is now a happy colic free baby thanks to the help of our daily massage. Great way to bond with the little ones too”

Kelly + Morgan March 2013

It is also great for us mums…
Just thought I’d give some feedback. I’ve been doing this course with Tash Hughes over the past few weeks. This has been a great class for me and Seren. Seren absolutely loves having her feet massaged and I find it an excellent part of her bedtime routine to settle her down for the night. It is also great for us mums, I’ve met some new mums and it’s nice to share experiences. It’s also been really beneficial to discuss any concerns with Tash as she’s a trained children’s nurse. All in all a great course, very reasonably priced, well worth the money. I know some of the other mums have found it good for colicky babies too. If you’re thinking about trying this, then I would definitely recommend.
Steph and Seren, March 2013

Loved my taster session with Rach, friendly and inviting atmosphere. My little one really enjoyed the massage, and was very relaxed afterwards, which led to a lovely long afternoon nap. It also was lovely to chat amongst other mothers and share milestones stories- definitely something I’ve missed during lockdown. Would highly recommend.
Sept 2021

We did a baby massage demo with Sara online and it was fab. Sara is very knowledgeable at what she does and so friendly too ! The classes are great for doing a course alongside other mums from the safety of your own home – you become part of Facebook group community as well as doing the live classes. Would definitely recommend giving it a go with your little one. Thank you Sara 


We attended sensory rhyme time with Sara today. Thoroughly enjoyed the class, lots of fun and we’re already looking forward to next week.
Gemma 2021

Thank you so much ! Noah loves his term at Rubba Bubba ! I learned some new massage techniques and nursery rhymes !

Alia 2021

Tash has been an absolute life saver. She is always there for support whatever the day or time. When I first reached out to Tash my husband and I were at our wits end and my daughter would not self settle, and wouldn’t sleep for more than 2 hours at a time. Tash was quick to schedule us in and set us up with a plan which we followed. After sticking to all of Tash’s advice and hints and tips my 18 month old now sleeps from roughly 7pm – 7am every night and will go down awake and self settle, giving me back some much needed Me time. For anyone thinking of it I would 100% recommend reaching out to Tash as it is totally worth the money as to me, my daughter sleeping is invaluable. Thanks so much again Tash x
March 2020

We started Stage 2 with Sara this term and we’ve been having a lovely time. We’ve learnt some new yoga moves and rhymes and it’s been relaxed and fun. I sometimes find baby groups a little overwhelming but these classes are lovely 

Kirsty Elizabeth March 2020

Loved every minute and absolutely gutted that i’ll be missing the next session since I’m going back to work. Definitely has been the highlight of my week!! 🙂
Dec 2019

The group is easy going and so relaxing. Every week has been enjoyable and my baby absolutely loves it !!!! Hence why are coming back for more !!! 👍👍👍
Dec 2019

I’ve absolutely loved my first term of baby massage with Sara!
We have learnt such invaluable skills such as how to deal with tummy troubles

and teething through massage. My baby always falls asleep in my arms after each session so I can enjoy the relaxing chat with the other mothers after. Fantastic for a first time mum like myself to have a supportive environment to be able to attend each week. Also, having the opportunity to have external speakers come and talk to us from a variety of backgrounds is fantastic!

Emma Wilson Oct 2019

Wonderful class which myself and my daughter loved,  the instructor was lovely and always friendly… we enjoyed completing both classes with a lush group of mums who we now spend more time with … baby massage gave me my mum community 😊 it’s a shame that there are only 2 stages !
April 2019

A Big Change For The Better!
I attended a 1 hour sleep clinic with Tasha a month ago. My 3 year old daughter couldn’t go to sleep without me cuddling her & used me as a comforter. She would always play with my ear when she was tired and usually woke 2 or 3 times a night, but needed me to help her go back to sleep. I was exhausted & didn’t know what else to try, I couldn’t leave her cry it out. Then I heard about Tasha. She is brilliant and a breath of fresh air. With her help & support, there is a big change for the better. My daughter now goes to sleep in her own bed every night, she doesn’t need to cuddle or play with my ear anymore to fall asleep and on the odd occasion she does get up in the night, for the toilet or a hug, she goes back to sleep quickly, on her own. As a result, we are all having more sleep & feeling better during the day. It’s not been an easy, quick fix month, but every night has got easier and we are confident that the new routine will last. Tasha is a good listener, very knowledgeable, she doesn’t judge anyone’s parenting & has helped us so much with her advice & holistic approach xx
Andrea June 2019

I loved our weekly baby massage classes.
Nancy and I loved our weekly baby massage classes. It was lovely to meet other mammies and babies and it was the only day of the week Nancy would nap! We’re looking forward to the +6 month class.
Heidi + Nancy Feb 2018

Heulwen and I loved baby massage with Tash.
We started going when Heulwen was about 6 weeks old up until she was 7 months. The massage helped Heulwen relax, sleep and helped with the bedtime routine. The class was also great for me to get out and meet new mothers and I have made some great friends! Tash is amazing, really approachable and friendly. But the most important thing I have gained out of going to class is spending priceless time with my baby girl! Thanks for everything Tash xx
Becci and Heulwen 2015

We love going to baby massage.
It’s a great way of bonding with your baby. Olivia is so chilled after it and it’s lovely to have a cuppa and chat with other mums. Highly recommend Tash’s classes xx

Leanne and Olivia 2015

We loved baby massage.
Amazing time to bond with your baby and it’s lovely to meet other mums. It helped with our little one’s colic. Thanks Tash.
Rhian and Amelia 2014

Loved going to these classes.
The massage was lovely to learn and both Holly and i enjoyed it. The classes have a lovely friendly atmosphere and i feel able to ask tash and thd other mums any questions I have. Tash makes everyone very welcome which makes it a lovely relaxed class. Love the tea and toast as well. Highly recommended. I wish I could still go but I have to go back to work!
Sarah and Holly 2014

My little one suffered with colic but after following the massage sequence Tash taught me it really helped.
Now she loves her daily massage and sleeps through the night!! She also suffers from dry patches on her cheeks, Tash recommended the organic oil which has worked so much better than any creams I’ve tried and it helps with her cradle cap too. Thanks xxx
Catherine and Charlotte 2014

Fantastic class, can’t wait for our reunion…
We started the baby massage class in July. My baby was only 16 weeks old and loved it! He found it very relaxing and almost guaranteed he would fall asleep after the class, I would highly recommend the class, the babies enjoy as do the parents as you can chat and have a cuppa, (a bit of you time) Good value for money. I still massage my baby now before his bath at night and he loves it. Fantastic class can’t wait for our reunion! xxx
Lisa and Jake, July 2013

Its a lovely way of bonding.
“Myself and baby thoroughly enjoyed baby massage. It’s a lovely way of bonding with your little one and a nice chance to chat with other new mums and share tips. A total bonus Tash bein so nice and full of helpful professional advice being a children’s nurse! Plus tea and toast is yummy!”
Emily + Sonny March 2013

Me and Carter love attending your classes, it’s such a lovely atmosphere where we both feel relaxed. Carter loves the massage and playing with the different themed toys each week. I also love the cuppa and biscuit at the end and having the time to chat to other mams is lovely. Sara is so friendly and has so much experience with what she does!

Brooke 2021

Can’t recommend the baby massage classes enough. Initially we started attending the classes which we were loving but with everything going on we were unable to continue with the face to face classes and moved onto the online classes to finish the block. The online classes have been brilliant, I’ve really enjoyed them and can’t wait to start stage 2 online now x

Rach is professional and knowledgeable and makes you feel at ease from the first session you have. I have taken both of my little ones to her classes and they have been amazing. Rach is really friendly and everyone I know who has attended her sessions have said they would recommend them to someone else. Honestly wouldn’t have got through the first few months with either of my babies  without the advice on colic and constipation I received! Thankyou Rach ❤️
Sept 2021

Can’t recommend the baby massage classes enough. Initially we started attending the classes which we were loving but with everything going on we were unable to continue with the face to face classes and moved onto the online classes to finish the block. The online classes have been brilliant, I’ve really enjoyed them and can’t wait to start stage 2 online now xx
Emily James March 2020

I would highly recommend Rubba-Bubba with Sara. What a lovely lady she is. Very helpful with all that she is doing. The sensory bags are fantastic my little girl loves all the little toys she had in her bag especially the bubbles. Thank you Sara
Keira Rigby March 2020

Baby massage with Sara is great.
She is lovely and the classes are really helpful. Plus the online classes have been amazing to keep us busy during lockdown. Definitely recommend it!!! xx
Laura Blanco Alonso March 2020

We have been going since my little was 8 weeks and he will be 8months soon. We have loved every session!

Dec 2019

A fab class. The extras we do at the end of the class are a lovely touch and great keepsake.x
Dec 2019

Can’t Wait To Start Stage 2
After doing a rubba bubba course 3 years ago with my 1st child baby massage was an absolute must this time too! It is a lovely relaxing class and a great way to meet other mum’s! Have just finished stage 1 with Rach and can’t wait to start stage 2 in September after having a taste of it today!
Ashley July 2019

Can’t thank Racheal enough, we have had a great time doing stage 1 & 2 at play cwtch chwarae that we keep enrolling for back to back stage 2 classes. It’s lovely sharing experiences and meeting other people. Also to take away tips and ideas to do at home with baby, and he loves the bedtime massage routine.

I like that the class is a small group, it gives you the opportunity to get to know the other mums and their babies. I also look forward to the tea and goodies (biscuits/cake /fruit) provided! It’s a great way to get to know the other mums after the massage. Would definitely recommend to other mums, looking forward to Stage 2 already! Thanks

Nicola April 2019

At My Wits End
My baby (11 months) was waking every hour and i was at my wits end so i called tash over for desperate help. In less than two months my baby is now sleeping 9pm-6am. He is much more happier now he’s having a good sleep and I’m starting to feel human again! Tash, you’re the best thank you so much!!
Jessica Nov 2018

Cant wait to go….
I took my son to the massage classes at Fforestfach Tesco for two cycles as he liked it so much. It was so nice to have a cup of tea made for me to and a chance to chat to other Mums. Have now booked my baby girl in and can’t wait to go x

Hannah July 2018

My little boy loves a massage.
Very friendly instructors and a great way to meet other mums. My little boy loves a massage and this was perfect for him. Also a great way to bond with your baby. Only negative is that 6 weeks isnt long enough! Cant wait for stage 2 in september xx
Elin July 2018

Will recommend to everyone. 
Me and Freddie absolutely love this class, we have just booked our 3rd one, it’s always so relaxed and friendly. Freddie loves his massage/play dates. It’s a lovely way to meet new friends and have some relax time with your baby. We wouldn’t spend our Tuesday mornings any other way, Will recommend to everyone. X

Kirsty and Freddie May 2018

Fantastic class to go!
Baby massage is great for my son and also a lovely way to meet other mums! Tash is lovely and very good at what she does. Looking forward to the start of the next session! X
Amy and James 2015

Grayson and I loved the class. I still massage him every evening before his bath!
Tasha is fab and was always happy to help answer any questions that i had as a new mammy. The class is a great for baby but also an opportunity to chat with other parents (with the added bonus of a cuppa and something nice to eat :-))

Rachel and Grayson 2015

I love baby massage, and so does Elinor who quite frequently falls straight to sleep promptly afterwards.
Tash is brilliant and it’s also nice to get out to meet new mums too, can’t wait to start back in November
Charlotte and Elinor 2014

Brilliant class!
Took my daughter when she was 16 weeks untill she was 6 months wish we had started sooner. Really friendly atmosphere Tash makes everyone feel welcome.Great way to bond with your baby and meet other mums!
Kirsty and Molly 2014

We had a one to one session with Tash to help with wind and colic with our 5 week old!
It was great to do something with him that wasn’t feeding/changing or listening to him scream. He loves his massage time now, he smiles through it and it’s even helped with his tummy troubles. Really looking forward to the classes.
Angharad and Tomos 2014

We liked the social side of the class…
We both enjoyed although she was a fidget bum. The leg massage was the favourite as it feels more tactile & relaxing for baby, I do it after the bath now & again. We liked the social side of the class chatting to other mums & of course the tea & toast were a big bonus! I’ve done the belly massages on her a few times recently & they seemed to work straight away so the handouts have been really useful, she likes the songs I sing to her too. Strangely she seems to know I’m doing it to help & she lays there peacefully & lets me do it, not like her as she’s hyper! It was also good that my partner could attend the class & feel included. Look forward to the reunion.

Sharon and Neve, August 2013

Amelia and I loved every second.
“Thank you for introducing us to baby massage. Amelia and I loved every second of it. It helped us connect in such a big way. The face massage is our favourite. I would recommend rubba-bubba to all mothers xx”

Ameila, Rhian and Sam July 2013