I love the fact that it is truly a real life black out blind…. You can literally see NOTHING with this baby up! Those sleepy hormones will be in full swing. There are so many ‘black out curtains’ or curtains lined a million times to black out the world, however the curtains are not attached to the window and the curtain rail makes your beautifully lined curtains hang 17 miles away from the window, creating huge gaps for light to pour in! Not good!

The best thing about this blind is that it sticks to the windows! Genius!

You give the suckers a bit of love and they stick to the window for years! They are so easy to put up, plus you can put it up and take it down as you need .  I left it up in his room but took a corner down each morning so we could see in the daytime but then popped it straight back up for nap/bedtime. Fab for keeping the room cool too. No idea if it’s supposed to but it did!

The best thing about The Anywhere gro blind is when we go on holiday and we get to our room and they have greaseproof paper up for curtains, we just whip this out and ta da… darker than dark….. just like home!

Mimicking the routine you have at home helps your little one sleep in a new place, if they are used to the pitch black then needing it pitch black on holiday is needed to, and the beauty of this is you can pack it up in its tiny little bag and chuck it in your suitcase.

Don’t be fooled by the tiny bag though…..this thing is huge, if you have windows bigger than this blind you must be living in a greenhouse!

My blind is 6 years old and it has been everywhere with us, we have taken it to my Mums, I’ve used it for sleeping off my night shifts, we’ve taken it abroad and you’d think it would have faded or the suckers would have stop sticking with the on off all the time, but it is still going very strong! We don’t use it so much in the winter now as they have grown out of  napping and it’s dark for bedtime but for the (occasional) bright summer evening it is still the best thing ever!

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