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This is Finn’s bedroom with said clock on the head board!

Where would we be without this fabulous clock…..up at half 5 every morning i spect!

So this little clock face is blue for sleep time then turns yellow like the sun rising at a time you set it for getting up time. This is a fabulous visible signal to indicate sleep and get up time to little ones who can’t tell the time. 

I have to say as soon as my toddler could understand the concept of getting up when this clock face turned yellow this thing was worth every single penny….in fact now if we don’t have it she will ask ‘but how will I know what time to get up?’ Even if you get it and they don’t get the concept to start with, do not write it off! Give it a month and try again!

We always set the getting up time at a very realistic time so we don’t set them up to fail, equally we are super strict about getting up before the sun comes up EVERY single morning-this is an absolute no no! We listen to why one of them has got up-sort it then, back to bed they go. Even if there was one star left, they both know it is still not time to get up! They don’t have to go back to sleep but they do need to play quietly in their bedroom-easily said than done I know!

The beauty of this clock is that if your little one understands the concept well, you can slowly work on the super early rising times by adding 5-10 minutes every few days for them to stay in bed a little later. For them to get the concept in the first place set the time at their normal waking time so when they get up the clock is yellow-reinforcing that it is getting up time, then over time add 5 minutes to the sun rising time to encourage a later waking time. 

Both my kids love their clocks, it is part of our bedtime routine to set the clock to blue every night without fail. It acts as a gentle night light, which is fab for little night time toilet trips!

Inevitably the clock doesn’t always keep them in bed in the morning and is no magic wand to an 8am wake up time but they do understand with consistency that it is to early to get up because their clock hasn’t gone yellow yet and do just wait in bed for the sun to rise most mornings-opposed it…it’s just to early or Mama’s tired, go back to bed- in a toddler’s head, its light outside so we should all be awake!