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Toddler and Preschool Yoga

Our Rubba-Bubba yoga classes are fun, magical and super beneficial. With child development and emotional well-being at the centre of our classes, toddler yoga aims to enhance movement, social interactions, confidence, emotional regulation, speech and language and much more. Songs, rhymes, stories and sensory play compliment our yoga stretches to make the sessions exciting, safe and easy to follow.

Each class is carefully structured to engage your child for as long as they want to, with no pressure to join in if they don’t want to. 

Children practice yoga postures naturally and get themselves into all sorts of poses on a daily basis, however, our yoga classes combine a gentle and structured approach to yoga with age-appropriate movements, holds and stretches that helps promote physical, mental and emotional development and well being.

Toddler and Preschool Yoga with Rubba-bubba - 2 little girls sitting on yoga classes smiling at yoga teacher

Children’s Emotional well-being

Emotional regulation is the foundation of a happy, healthy and balanced child, then, in turn, develops into our future generation of happy and balanced adults. Regular yoga has been proven to aid emotional regulations. Validating and acknowledging our emotions is the start. Marc Brackett Ph.D has develpomed an acronym for the five skills of emotional intelligence:

Recognising emotions in oneself and others

Understanding the causes and consequences of emotions

Labelling emotions with a nuanced vocabulary

Expressing emotions in accordance with cultural norms and social context

Regulating emotions with helpful strategies

Mindfulness and breathing

Core breathing is an essential part of emotional well being as well as preparing and ending the yoga session. It can release tension and calm the mind, allowing you and child to be present in the room. Asking your little one to breathe consciously or be mindful isn’t that easy, however Rubba-bubba has created a fun, age appropriate and engaging breathing and mindful sequence. 

What to wear?

We encourage you and your little one to wear something stretchy and comfortable-leggings or a onesie. 

It is important to note that this is a children’s class, however they may engage more if their parents are by their side. Parents will be asked to ensure they take full responsibility for themselves and their child during the class.

Parents/guardians will be asked if they have any underlying health conditions or injuries and if so will not be permitted to join in with stretching/poses. Being present or holding hands are still permitted. 

Toddler and Preschool Yoga with Rubba-bubba - toddler standing on yoga mat doing a yoga move

The best time for children’s yoga:

If you want to practice yoga at home, choose a time when your toddler/children are not tired or hungry. Ideally when they are active and playful.

Creating a relaxing environment for yoga is not essential but does add to the yoga experience: lowlights, quiet time, and soothing music. Leave at least 30 minutes between a meal and yoga if possible.


Teaching yoga in your school:

Do you want to teach yoga to your nursery or preschool class? Get in touch for our bespoke course just for you.