This parenting roller coaster is a bit of a mind-field, right? Sometimes you just feel absolutely helpless, I know I did! 🤯

Especially when it comes to your baby being in pain, and boy those tummy troubles are just the worst culprits.. you know the ones, agonising hours of colic, not really feeding properly cos they’re constipated or painful wind makes them grumpy all day.

Yes, I’ve been there too. I feel for you! 

So, here’s a few TOP TIPS to shift those dreaded tummy troubles… 

  1. Wind them on your lap with their chin up and back straight, allowing the burps to escape effectively
  2. Pace feed. Really effective!
  3. Swirl the bottle, don’t shake: less bubbles-less wind
  4. Review your diet. Things like orange juice, loads of veg and curry may contribute to a sensitive tummy.
  5. You know I’m going to say this but massage!!! Adding in a tummy massage everyday is a game changer! It’ll shift that wind and stimulate their bowels pronto!

We understand how hard it is, seeing your baby in pain and feeling absolutely helpless. That’s why we’ve crafted the perfect product to help you understand all the different ways you can help your baby and combat the  tummy troubles once and for all. 

Click here to access our Online Tummy Troubles baby massage handout

Did you know… Baby’s have a biological NEED for close physical affection!

NOTHING ❌ is more important to their emotional, physical and intellectual development than a comforting cuddle or a loving touch. That’s just one of the many reasons we do what we do here at Rubba-Bubba, why we promote and advocate for Baby Massage and why we have built a franchising structure, so that more and more mummy’s and baby’s get to know and enjoy the benefits too!! 

BUT, what are the ACTUAL “benefits” of a Tummy Massage ⤵️

For baby: 

  • Stimulates the digestive system
  • Alleviates constipation
  • Reduces painful trapped wind & helps reduce colic symptoms 

AND, for parent : 

  • Proven to reduce postnatal depression
  • Boosts self-esteem & confidence in new mothers
  • Can help parent have a positive interaction with her baby
  • Helps a parent become more confident in handling their baby
  • It’s quality time with the new baby

Now you can see why Baby Massages are recommended by ALL health professionals, and why we are so passionate about helping as many mums and babies as possible. 

So if your baby suffers with tummy troubles, whether that’s from colic or painful wind, and it’s making every day unbearable, every night drags and is filled with painful screaming, and you just don’t know what else to do, then you need this short video and handout full of solutions!

You can Instantly download all the tricks of the trade, and get implementing them straight away!! Goodbye grumpy baby in pain, and hello happy smiley cutie pie! 

Download NOW, and get it sent straight to your phone. 

*Please note, all advice is evidence-based and Health visitor led with 15 years of experience within the NHS. If you feel it’s deeper than a bit of colic/wind, make sure you shout about it to your health professionals, this is what they’re there for! You are not wasting their time!!! 

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