Rubba Bubba - When can i start baby massage - image is of a sleeping baby lying on a purple Rubba-Bubba towel after graduating in baby massage

For us parents, finding ways to connect with our newborn and promote their well-being is a top priority. Baby massage is a wonderful practice that advocates bonding while offering numerous benefits. If you’re wondering, “When can I start baby massage?” this guide will not only answer that question but also help you understand the importance of readiness.

When Can I Start  Baby Massage?

The exciting news is that baby massage can begin as early as a few weeks after your baby’s birth. However, it’s essential to consider various factors to determine the right time for you and your baby to start a class:

Baby’s health and baby massage

A huge benefit to a baby class is there are no toddler germs- we all know toddlers spread the love! Also, ensure that your baby is well enough to enjoy a massage. Seems obvious I know and there aren’t many conditions that would stop a massage.

Maybe your baby needs a hip scan or they are particularly sicky/unsettled. Although these reasons won’t stop you from enjoying our classes as the Mama self-care and chat time is just as important as the massage, we would avoid a leg massage or a massage lying flat

Baby’s day

Each baby is unique. Some may be more receptive to massage earlier, while others may need a bit more time to adjust to their new environment.

We have babies from 2 weeks old start and enjoy, we also have 8/9 weeks old. If you join and it’s too early and your baby isn’t ready, we’ll just keep your space til they are ready.

Immunisations and baby massage

Classes and baby clinic do clash and that’s okay. These immunisations are life-saving. In class, if your baby has had immunisations the same week, we just avoid the jab site or legs. You know yourself a jab can give you a dread arm feeling, therefore a massage definitely helps their achy legs.

Parental readiness

Your readiness as a parent is equally important. It can be overwhelming to go to loud and busy toddler groups, whereas a blissful and gentle massage class may be a better first choice of class. Make sure you feel ready to get out, are confident driving with a newborn in the car and are comfortable sitting on a cushion on the hall floor.

Our Baby Massage Classes

Once your baby is too busy for our stage 1 baby massage class (0-4 months) they can go on to our stage 2 baby massage class. (4mths -speed crawling). The baby massage strokes are specially adapted for the more busy, rolling, sitting up (or nearly) inquisitive and nearly mobile baby.

We sing songs and rhymes, play with lots of sensory toys like bubbles, lights, foil blankets and parachutes etc for a very interactive and fun class.

Wondering how old my baby has to be to start baby massage? The answer is clear: you can begin this rewarding journey of bonding and well-being as early as a few weeks after your baby’s birth. Besides considering your baby’s readiness, it’s crucial to acknowledge your own readiness as a parent as well.

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