Why should I take my baby to a baby class?

In today’s blog, Why should I take my baby to a baby class, I share 4 benefits of taking a baby class with you.  It’s really important to get out of the house with your baby, the day can seem super long and there is only so much coco melon you can take!

However, booking your first baby class can seem daunting, especially if you don’t know anyone. I promise you it’ll be the best thing you ever do for your baby though! There are so many amazing benefits, for both you and your little one.

Here’s a list of reasons why putting your brave pants on and taking your bubs to a class is a fabulous way to make magical mat leave memories!

It’s a great way to socialise

One of the main reasons why mamas choose a baby class is because they want to socialise. It’s a great way for baby’s to interact with more of the world and other baby’s their own age. You also will get to know other Mams in your area who have similar aged bubba’s.

This is super important when needing a rant about how many times you were up in the night or how many outfits changes you and bubs have gone through today, who else will get it more than a fellow Mama?!

It’s only in the first class you won’t know anyone, if you chose a small and personal class like Rubba-Bubba, you will all get to know each other really quickly.

Quality time together

It’s so easy just to feed, sleep (ha) repeat but a class encourages quality time together where you feel like you aren’t always feeding, consoling or changing the 27th nappy today!

You can actually enjoy your baby without thinking about the washing up, you can have some meaningful interactions and playtime. You might even get a hot cuppa too! Win! (I’m not saying you don’t enjoy your baby at home, but you know what I mean)

You and your baby learn something new

Baby classes come in various shapes and sizes. From just a chat and a cuppa, a super enthusiastic musical session, to learning a new lifelong skill like baby massage or baby yoga.

Our massage strokes and stretches are proven to promote more sleep, relax and calm your little one, enhance your parent-baby bond, prevent postnatal depression and alleviate painful wind, colic and constipation. 

Safety first

Following a fully accredited and certified instructor is the safest way to introduce new skills/sensory activities to your baby. You can ask questions, you can ask them to repeat if you didn’t quite get it and you can rest assured live classes are the most up to date and evidence-based sessions around. 

So why should you take my baby to a baby class?

As you can see, taking bubs to classes is the best! It’ll restore a bit of sanity, you’ll get adult convo (yey!) possibly a cuppa, new mama friends, baby BFFs, all while making memories, learning new super safe and up to date skills!  

If you’re looking for some great baby classes in South Wales – Carmarthen, Neath Port Talbot, Llandeilo, Swansea, Ammanford, Llanelli, we are here to help.

Our welcoming classes are friendly, small and covid safe. All you have to do is to book a class with Rubba-Bubba today.