'You must be mad to start a business in the cost of living crisis…..I would never set up a business at the moment!' - Image of car branded with Rubba Bubba

‘You must be mad to start a business in the cost of living crisis…..I would never set up a business at the moment!’

Have you said this? You are not alone, I get this a lot!

I talk to a lot of parents who really need to work around the school run and 15 million after-school activities, or REALLY struggle with finding childcare during the 83 weeks of school holidays BUT are petrified of the financial uncertainty around the corner.

The crisis is scary

Yes, the financial climate is fudging scary.

Being in business through the pandemic and now this cost of living crisis myself, I know this very well believe me!

So many amazing businesses are being forced to close, so many jobs are being affected, and so many families are left vulnerable. I’m sure you know someone who has been through this!

Thing is, I could also get scared, stop showing up doing our thing, stopped classes and hide…I definitely wanted to at times! I am still very grateful to this very day that we were able to continue a few classes online and just wait it out like the rest of us. Here is how we didn’t close and how we will get through the crisis!

How we will get through the cost of living crisis

I started to focus on the ripple effect instead. When I focus on:

  • how well the instructors are doing
  • how busy our classes are now
  • how working when they wanted (school hours + term time only) makes such a huge difference in their children’s lives and mum guilt, 
  • how many Mama friends are coming together, socialising and laughing again
  • how many babies are sleeping better
  • how many babies are helped with their colic
  • how many toddlers lived their best lives in the sensory pits
  • and how much new mama sanity we are saving in our classes!

It was then I started to realise we will get through it and if we can get through the pandemic we can get through this too! Our classes are needed more than ever, and this is THE PERFECT time to start! 

What are you focusing on? The COL crisis or living your best life?

Being part of a franchise means you have the knowledge and support from the beginning. The business model is a tried and tested one which means you don’t have to faff about dabbling in all sorts of time-consuming and expensive stuff you don’t need to. From the logo design, leaflets, training, equipment booking system and website to the class and party structure is all done for you. A business in a box is the safest way to start a business and we need safe in this day and age! 

For more info click here  link https://rubba-bubba.co.uk/franchise-opportunities/