Your frequently asked questions answered blog by Tash

You want to book a class but are really unsure, you have so many questions and you don’t know where to start! Well here are a few answers that may help! 

What if my baby needs a feed/cuddle during the class? 

Don’t worry if your baby needs changing or feeding, the class is baby-led and YOUR bubba’s needs ALWAYS come first. 

What if my baby cries during the class?

They all take it in turns to cry, without judgment, we are very used to it and don’t take offence 🙂 Honestly, they are not the first and certainly won’t be the last!

Who massages my baby?

You do! The instructor will demonstrate all the strokes on ‘Daisy doll’. You will be welcomed, supported and shown the power of positive touch that can’t be underestimated.

How can I build baby massage/yoga into my baby’s routine? 

There is an easy to follow handout booklet with clearly written instructions and images that can be followed at home if you want to massage or stretch at home. The best time for a massage/stretch is when it suits you both. Some massage in the morning, some find nappy changing time suits them but I found it fitted in nicely after a short bath, I popped the lamp on, asked Alexa for the chillout playlist and get the oil out for a little massage before we got their babygrow on for bed. It really chilled them out ready for sleep. 

I really don’t want my baby on social media.

That’s fine. All photos are posted with permission and there is no obligation to be in any photos at all.

What if I can’t make it to a class?

We will recap from the week before so you won’t miss anything. There are also weekly handouts with clear written instructions and images to follow. If there is space in another class you maybe able to attend a different day (subject to availability) 

What do I need to bring?

Just you, a mask and your baby. If you want to lay your baby on a blanket over the foam mats please bring a blanket with you. 

My bubs hates tummy time

Don’t worry, a relaxing back massage compliments tummy time and gives your bubba something else to focus on, however, if they really don’t like it, we just go back to a massage they do like. 

Which stage do I book?

Stage 1 is suitable for newborn to 4 months.

Stage 2 is suitable for 4 months to crawling.

Please book stage one first if your baby hasn’t done any baby massage/yoga before and is around 4 months, younger or not too busy. If your bubba is nearly sitting and nearer 5 months, please book stage 2.

How do I book?

All bookings are taken via the very posh online booking system. Classes are all paid for in advance. This is because a lot of the venues require their fees upfront. Booking is essential to secure a place as it’s a popular class. Refunds are possible at the discretion of the instructor. Please contact the instructor/HQ if you have a gift voucher.

What baby massage oil is recommended? 

Rubba-Bubba recommends Organic Sunflower Oil for baby massage, which is purchased on booking. It’s highly recommended by dermatologists and works wonders for dry areas-especially on their delicate faces! Cradle cap (apply before bedtime and gently brush out and rinse in the morning), nappy rash and a general moisturiser for any age. It’s so gentle it’s used on premature skin in neonatal units.

The oil is non-greasy, absorbed quickly, gentle and edible – for those who like to eat their toes after a foot massage!

I have twins, can I bring another family member?

Of course you can! In fact, even if you have one baby, Gran, Mamgu, Auntie, Uncle, your bestie AND next door are all welcome! The price is per family-not per bubba, so just fill in one booking form, pay for ONE space and put both/all bubba’s names down. If you are coming on your own with more than one bubba, the instructor will offer to help as much as possible.

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